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The University of Texas at Dallas

HIPAA Privacy Manual

Section 27: Education and Training of UTD's Workforce

Policy: All UTD students, faculty, employees, contract employees, and volunteers are required to attend and complete all applicable in-service education, training, and/or licensing courses as defined and required by UTD and UT System, licensing and regulatory agencies, and state and federal law.

Additionally, all contract employees must show evidence of basic orientation and education, which may be accomplished by documentation of:

  • Attendance at UTD educational offerings.
  • Attendance at educational programs approved by UTD but offered by the contractor.
  • Review of the UTD short-term contractor brochure with signature form.

Departmental Accountability: Each Dean and department head is accountable for providing the opportunity and direction to the students and departmental staff to achieve the training and education required by this policy. Deans and department heads must ensure that students and employees:

  • Comply with institutional and departmental specific training and development requirements; and
  • Attend and complete the required training and have the attendance documented.

If the student/employee is unable to sufficiently complete the training requirement, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that the student/employee receives the proper guidance needed to fulfill the requirement.

Documentation: UTD provides an institutional database for maintaining compliance training information. Deans and department heads are accountable for reviewing the database to ensure that employees and students have participated and completed all applicable training.