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The University of Texas at Dallas


Our certified, licensed staff of speech-language pathologists provides in-depth, comprehensive evaluations to accurately describe and diagnose speech, language and feeding disorders, as well as provide appropriate treatment recommendations and necessary referrals.

Evaluations are conducted in the following areas:

Speech-language delays and disorders                      
Feeding delays and disorders
Motor speech disorders diagnostic clinic
Augmentative and alternative communication disorders
Auditory/language processing disorders

Speech-Language Delays and Disorders

  • Purpose: to assess children who have suspected speech (i.e., articulation, voice and/or fluency concerns) and/or understanding and using language (i.e., difficulty or delay in using words to communicate, putting together words and sentences, asking/answering questions, following directions, telling a story, describing or explaining a task, and/or developing social skills).
  • Age group: Children of all ages.

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Feeding Delays and Disorders

  • Purpose: to assess children who have suspected sensory or motor-based feeding disorders.
  • Age group: Children of all ages.

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Motor Speech Disorders Diagnostic Clinic

  • Purpose: to assess children who have a complicated, unclassified or ambiguous speech sound production disorder.
  • Age group: 2 to 18 years of age.

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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Disorders

  • Purpose: to assess children with significant speech/language impairments who may need an alternative or supportive means to communicate (i.e., picture board system, computerized communication device, etc.).
  • Age group: Children of all ages.

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Auditory/Language Processing Disorders

Children with normal hearing may have problems recognizing speech in difficult listening situations, such as in noisy classrooms or when speech is soft or distorted. These issues may be the result of problems in the auditory nervous system. A comprehensive team evaluation by an audiologist and speech/language pathologist can be performed to help identify the specific causes of these difficulties and to recommend appropriate treatment.

Auditory processing disorders evaluations can be conducted for children over the age of six. If you are interested in auditory processing disorders assessment, please fill out the prescreen form, print and fax to the attention of Dr. Jeff Martin at 214-905-3016, or mail to 1966 Inwood Rd., Dallas, TX 75235. You will receive a call regarding the evaluation process 3-5 days after the prescreen form is received.

Please see handouts for frequently asked questions and additional information.

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