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The University of Texas at Dallas

Donor Appreciation

On behalf of patients and families, clinicians, faculty, researchers and students, thank you for your generous support.

Your gift gives:

  • a child a voice, the ability to hear, the opportunity to develop relationships, the potential for academic and employment success.
  • a researcher a lab, equipment, technology and time to conduct advanced research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders.
  • a student the opportunity to learn from faculty and clinicians which prepares him/her to care for future patients.

Your gift makes a difference by transforming lives, one person at a time, which makes YOU a gift to Callier. For your kindness and compassion, we are deeply grateful and truly inspired. Thank you for being you!

Thank you

Thank you for making a difference
in my life!


  • Individuals
  • Corporations, Foundations and Other Organizations
  • Anonymous (15)
    Dr. Alyson Abel
  • Lindalyn Adams
    Sandra Adams
    Ruth and Ken Altshuler
    Lori Andrus
  • Tanya Antonisse-Long
    Molly Augustine
    Paula Austell
  • Sarah R. Bartlett
  • Amanda Beneke
    Beth Bernthal
  • Sally Berry
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Best
  • Gina Betts
    Elizabeth Biersgreen
    Margaret and Charles Billman
  • Jan Goodwin Bleakley
  • Elizabeth M. Boeckman
  • Mrs. James Boggess
  • Robert M. Brackbill
    Paula Bratt
    George W. and Lorena F. Briggs Fund of
    The Dallas Foundation
    Mary Brinegar
    Susie Brown
  • Carole Lou Bruton
  • Diane and Stuart Bumpas
    Harriet Burrow
    Pam Busbee
  • Robert D. Campbell
    Dr. Thomas Campbell
  • Connie Carreker
    Betsy Carter
    Christie Carter
    Cindy M. Carter
    Nancy Carter
  • Suzanne Caruso
    Roy B. Castillo
  • Sandra Cecil
    Dr. Jackie L. Clark
    Karen Clark
  • Thomas A. Clark
  • Jeanne Marie Clossey
    Susan Cluiss
  • Mary Cobb
  • Dr. Carol Cokely
  • Jean and George Coleman
  • Tyree Collier
  • Lisa and Thomas Connop
  • Annette Corman
  • Anne and Kyle Crews
    Helen Crichton
    Kathy and Harlan Crow
  • Betsy and Bennett Cullum
    Dorothy and Allen Cullum
  • Margaret Anne Cullum
  • Sally G. Cullum
  • Linda and Bill Custard
  • Dr. and Mrs. David E. Daniel
  • Deborah Day
  • Lynn Townsend Dealey
    Brenda and Michael DeFrank
    Mary Dees
  • Sulaine and Lon Dekkers
  • Barbara and Kenneth Dickerson
    Dr. Christine Dollaghan
  • Lissie Donosky
  • Patsy Donosky
    Erin Dougherty
  • Margaret Dowd
    Troy Dungan
    Nadia A. Dunkerton
    Edward J. Earle
  • Christine Eason
    Eleanor R. Eidels
  • Bessy and Ted Enloe
  • Paddy and Barry Epstein
  • Colesen Evans
  • Janet Evans
    Kerry Wildenthal Fagelman
    Dr. Susan Fleming
    Dr. Lisa Flores
  • Jenifer and Peter Flynn
  • Ola Fojtasek
  • Nancy Foran
  • Debbie Francis
    Dena Klein Frankfurt
    Jann and Jon Fujimoto
  • Elizabeth H. Furler
  • Brandie Gehan
    Tricia and Kenn George
  • Judy Gibbs
    Mary K. Giesecke
  • Diane Gillespie
  • Rhoni Golden
    Christina Gollis
    Sharron Gonzalez
  • Robert C. Goodman
    Margo Goodwin
    Pagett Gosslee
  • Priscilla and Warren Gravely
    Louise S. Griffeth
    Robert Grimes
  • Roy J. Grogan
  • Carmen C. Haas
  • Jamie P. Haga
    Kay Hammond
    Beth Harben
    Dr. Jackson Harrell
    Rick D. Havard
  • Sharon Hayslip
    Carol and Jeff Heller
  • Rue Henry
    Virgel E. Horn, Jr.
  • Loryssa C. Howard
    Caroline L. Hunt
  • Caroline Rose Hunt
    Leeanne Hunt
    Libby and David Hunt
    Margaret and Douglas Hunt
    Eddie and Casey Hysell
  • Kathleen M. Jenouri
    Kimberly Priest Johnson
    Tamara Johnson
  • Donna and George Jones
    Gene Jones
    Terri Jones
    Sue Justice
    Esther Katz - Camelraderie Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Orange County
    Janelle Kelley
  • Louise Kemp
    Helen Kenedi
  • Leslie Kennedy
  • Mr. and Mrs. James W. Keyes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. King
  • Leslie Krakow
    Dr. A.A. Krishnan
    Dr. Shari Kwon
  • Dr. Amanda Labue
  • Joyce Lacerte
    Carl Lacy
  • Michael Lanahan
    Beth Layton
    Sara Litton
    Lisa and George Longino
    Patricia M. Lorfing
    Jan Lougeay
  • Rebecca Lutz
    Janice and James Mach
    Dr. Mandy Maguire
  • Nancy and William Manning
    Ms. Rachel A. Gonzalez and Jeffrey S. Martin, PhD
    Sara and David Martineau
  • Sally and Waddell Mashburn
    Rebecca Mason
  • Pat Mattingly
    Lisa Mazurek
  • Lynn McBee
  • Sharolyn A. McClanahan
  • Joyce McClellan
  • William McCormick
    Effie McCullough
  • Kara L. McDermott
  • Linda and John McFarland
  • Joan McFarlane
    Janie McGarr
    Jenny McGlothlin
    Helen K. and Robert G. McGraw
  • Shirley McIntyre
    Carmen McMillan
    Melissa and Barry McNeil
  • Anne McPherson
  • Katie L. Meador
    Cynthia Melnick
    Dr. Susan Miller
  • Tincy Miller
    Cynthia R. Mitchell
    Dr. Lynne Kirk and Dr. Bert Moore
  • Barbara Moroney
  • Sara C. Moseley
  • Jennifer T. and Jon L. Mosle, III
  • Sameera H. Murad
  • Mrs. Olin D. Myers
    Meredith L. Myrick
    Sandy Nachman
  • Andrea Nasher
  • Richard Neely
  • John C. Newman
  • Sandy and Don Newton
  • Elsa Norwood
    Debbie Oates
    Chris O'Neill
  • Leslie A. Parks
    Angie W. Pate
    Shanon Patrick
    Donise Pearson
    Pam Perella
  • Molly Peroni
    Margot and Ross Perot
  • Mary Dean and Ken Perry
    Deborah and David K. Peyton
    Dr. Joyce Pickering
    Jane and Chick Pierce
  • Drs. Carol and Daniel Podolsky
    Patricia Poer
    Michal and Loyd Powell
  • Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church Sanctuary Choir
  • Patricia Prestidge
    Alyce and Terry Price
  • Caren Prothro
  • Pamela and Scott Purcel
  • Deborah A. Raasch
  • Jeanette and Jerry Rawlinson
    Diane H. Reed
  • Vinnie and Malcolm Reuben
  • Suzy and Tom Rhodes
    Lisa Richards
  • Sharon Richards
    Takisha Roberson
    Dr. Ross Roeser
    Mary Roffino
    Dr. Raul Rojas
  • Neall G. Rose
  • Jill and Tracy Rowlett
    Pamela and William Sanguinet, III
    Kristen D. Scheirman
  • Patricia Glorig Schiff
  • George R. Schrader
    Debbie Scripps
  • Carol Seay
    Linda Secrest
    Linda Sensibaugh
  • Deborah Shannon
  • Nancy Shelton
    Kristi Shewmaker
    Mamta Shori
    Dr. Angela Shoup
    Karen and David Shuford
    David Simcoe
  • Bettye D. Slaven
  • Bonnie Smith
    Jane and Bud Smith
    Patty E. Sode
  • Ellen Stellburg
  • Jacqueline Stewart
  • Helen Storey
  • Barbara and John Stuart, III
  • Lisa L. Stuart
    Juliana Stutzman
    Melissa and Ben Sweeney
  • Casey A. Switzer
  • Mieko Tanaka
    Kerry Tate
    Cheryl Taylor
  • Meg Temple
    Joyce E. Terrill
    Dr. Linda Thibodeau
  • Carolyn Thompson
    Vera Thornton
  • Ashley Todd
  • Dee Torbert
    Kathy and Neill Touchstone
  • Lauren Trahan
  • Mark Tranchina
  • Dr. Anne van Kleeck
  • Roxann Vyazmensky
    Dr. and Mrs. G. Michael Wall
  • Doris L. Walton
    Day and George Watson
    Megan Webber
  • Marilyn H. Weber
  • Ronna and Steven Whalen
    Donell Wiggins
  • Susan and Joel Williams, III
    Cynthia Wilson
    Emilynn Berry Wilson
    Gayle Wilson
    Kelly Wilson
    Dr. Lee Wilson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Winn
  • Andrea Wolf
    Lois Wolf
    Joyce and Linus Wright
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Cashwell Appliance Parts, Inc.
  • Communities Foundation of Texas
  • The Constantin Foundation
  • ExxonMobil Foundation
  • Leo & Rhea Fay Fruhman Foundation
    Fischer & Co.
  • FSA Scholarship Foundation
  • The Ryan Goldblatt Foundation
  • J.M. Haggar, Jr. Family Foundation
  • Johnson Family Living Trust
  • Livingston Hearing Aid Centers, Inc.
    W L May Co.
    The David B. Miller Family Foundation
  • Mike A. Myers Foundation
  • Ranparr, Inc.
  • Rupe Foundation
    Sabre Holdings Corporation
  • Texas Instruments Foundation
    Thompson & Knight Foundation
    Timberlawn Psychiatric Research Foundation, Inc.
  • United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
  • UTSW Medical Foundation

This list applauds the generous donors who have made a difference at the Callier Center through their contributions in the 2014 fiscal year. Recognition is for outright gifts and pledge payments received between September 1, 2013 and August 31, 2014. Every effort is made to ensure the accurate recognition of donors; however, if you were omitted from this year's list, please call the Office of Development at 214-905-3097.