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The University of Texas at Dallas

North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day

Get up and Give. Don't Hesitate. Help Callier Kids Communicate.

Transform a Child's Life:
When you give to Callier on North Texas Giving Day, you help patients in need through the Callier Care Fund.

  • Your gift could help a toddler with cochlear implants hear his mother’s voice and learn to respond.
  • Your gift could help a little boy, struggling with autism, learn social communication skills and interactions such as greeting people, making eye contact and answering questions.
  • Your gift could help a little girl with delayed language learn to say "I love you."

Donate Online:
On September 19 from 7 a.m. to midnight, please make your donation by clicking here.

Donate in Person:
On September 19, visit us at a Callier location. Have a donut and donate! We'd love to see your smiling face.

Increase the Impact of your Gift:
Give $25 or more to the Callier Center here on September 19 and your donation will be increased. Every gift will be multiplied by a percentage. The percentage will be determined by the ratio of bonus funds to total gifts received on Giving Day (last year's percentage was 7%). There will be at least $1.5 million in bonus funds and $172,000 in prize funds. The anticipated bonus this year will be 7.5% to 8%. Read more about 2013 North Texas Giving Day Prizes.

For more information, contact: Office of Development | 214-905-3097.