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The University of Texas at Dallas

Communication Technology Center

The extraordinary achievements of the University of Texas at Dallas in technology development, in association with the Callier Center’s distinguished record of clinical research and service, provide an opportunity for UTD to assume a leadership role in translational research in communication enhancement and the development of communication technologies. Students, researchers and clinicians will leverage their expertise to invent and assess new communication technologies and treatments that will maximize the quality of life for people who have difficulty engaging in the most basic of human skills: communication.

The Goal of the Center is to spur innovative interdisciplinary research and collaborative training of students.

Objectives of the Center:

  • to develop and evaluate new communication devices and approaches to connect individuals with speech, language and hearing deficits with the hearing and speaking worlds.
  • to determine the efficacy and effectiveness of speech, language and hearing treatments and technologies to facilitate and improve an individual’s ability to function in hearing and speaking contexts.
  • to cultivate new digital networking technologies and models that provide researchers secure environments to stream sophisticated data and conduct basic and clinical experiments with colleagues around the world.
  • to provide UTD students and faculty with a collaborative work space on the Richardson Campus for the invention and assessment of new communication technologies.
  • to establish collaborative partnerships with business and industry leaders to expedite the development and commercialization of new technologies.