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The University of Texas at Dallas

Patient Stories

Purity Macharia Receives the Gift of Hearing

Imagine trying to hear a conversation through heavy-industrial earmuffs — the kind used for jack-hammering or hunting.

The noise may reach your ears, but understanding speech is nearly impossible.

For one young girl, this kind of muffled and unintelligible noise was her reality. Born with a medical condition called congenital aural atresia with microtia, Purity Macharia, 5, has malformed outer ears. The opening to the ear canal — the tunnel which allows sound to travel to the middle and inner ear — is completely closed. Her inner ear is perfectly healthy and capable of receiving sound. Read More

Purity Macharia

Breaking Through

Andy Cobb's parents didn't know he was deaf until he was 2.

The diagnosis of hearing loss led to the Callier Center where a technological breakthrough made a difference in how his life and his family's unfolded. Researchers in schools and centers across the University collaborate on defeating barriers to communication––from tinnitus in military veterans to language deficits in small children to
apraxia of speech in stroke victims. Read More

Breaking Through

The Golden's Story

Imagine you had spent years planning a trip to Italy. You dreamed about Italy, looked forward to it every day. You'd read all the info, chosen you places to visit and stay, learned a bit of the language, even taken a few cooking classes to better appreciate the food. You get on the plane, enjoy a perfect, smooth flight, you couldn't be more excited––and then the plane lands and the flight attendant says "Welcome to Holland!" You're confused, you don't know anyone or any of the language or anywhere to stay. You're lost, at least for awhile.

That's a little bit of the feeling parents have when they are suddenly told that their happy new baby isn't what they'd expected, that their future is about to become something for which they had never planned. Read More

 The Golden's Story

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We want to hear your story. Sharing your story helps other children and adults know that they are not alone.
It also helps the community understand how their support of Callier significantly impacts a patient's life.
Together we can transform lives forever!

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