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The University of Texas at Dallas

Callier in the News


CW 33 | Hear Us Now: DSM at Music Hall Revamps Audio System for Hearing Impaired

Audiology Today | Susan and Jim Jerger Research in Audiology Fellowship Announced at Dallas Gala

The Scientist | Filling in the Notes: Why the Brain Produces Musical Hallucinations

KSLA TV | Jackson's Journey: 'Good signs' on East Texas boy's 'Hearing Day'

KXAS NBC5 TV | Dallas Toddler Hears for the First Time

RSVP Calendar Blog | Sara Martineau Honored at the 3rd Annual Callier Cares Luncheon

North Dallas Gazette | Purity Macharia (page 2)

North Dallas Gazette | Study: Infants benefit from implants with more frequency sounds (page 4)

KERA News | Coping with Hearing Loss, With, And Without Technology

KERA Radio | Think | Now Hear This

My Sweet Charity | Callier Cares Luncheon Honors Sara Martineau For Her Advocation And Compassion

Dallas Morning News | Callier Cares Event Honors Civic Leader

KXAS NBC5 TV | Texas Teen Overcomes Hearing Loss to Become Major League Prospect

Dallas Morning News | Common-sense Advice for Saving Your Sight and Hearing

KERA Radio | Think | Understanding Autism

Neurology Now | NIH StrokeNet: How the NINDS is improving and accelerating clinical trials for stroke

The Autism Notebook | How to Encourage Positive Mealtime Behaviors and Expand Accepted Foods

Dallas Morning News | UTD's Callier Center Begins Trial for New Tinnitus Treatment

Dallas Morning News | Editor's Note: Tinnitus Treatment Could Give New Hope

KERA News | Seeking a Moment of Silence: Treatment for Tinnitus on the Horizon

My Sweet Charity | Callier Cares Luncheon Fundraiser to Honor Sara Martineau and Raise Funds for Communication Disorders

Dallas Morning News | Some Great TV has Mumbling that Grates

Dallas Morning News | Dean Bert Moore Remembers Bringing the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to SMU in 1966


Advance | Feeding Disorders - Considering the whole child, not just behaviors, is vital to effective feeding therapy

Hearing Health & Technology Matters | Audiology Students Win Austin Scholarships

Parade | 9 Smart Ways to Help Build Your Child's Vocabulary

Dallas Morning News | UT Dallas' Callier Center hands out honors to Tincy Miller, Australian researcher

Thrive Magazine | What Do You Say? Handling the Challenges of Pragmatic Language Disorders


KXAS NBC5 TV | UT Dallas/Callier Student Wins Contest

KDAF CW33 TV | Losing the Texas Twang

Plano Star-Courier | Plano Police Meet with Children with Autism

Dallas Morning News | First CI Patient Returns to Callier

Houston Chronicle | Audiologists Help Patients Hear

Dallas Morning News | Callier Center Gift and Directorship

CW Channel 33 | Ringing in ears - a new approach

USA Today | Race tracks have dangerous noise levels, according to Callier expert

Dallas Morning News May 1 | Hearing experts from Callier discuss hearing aid advances

Dallas Morning News May 1 | Callier audiologists talk about protecting hearing

Star Newspapers of DFW | Callier expert talks about autism awareness

KXAS-TV/NBC DFW Nonstop | Callier CI implant expert discusses celebrity's hearing loss

WFAA-TV/Channel 8 | Callier patient overcomes odds to talk


Dallas Morning News - Education Notes Nov. 22 | Callier faculty and students win ASHA awards

CW Channel 33 | Callier researcher discusses advantages of bilingual homes

The Dallas Morning News | Callier professor uses story therapy to help stroke victims, Auschwitz survivors heal

The Cypress Times | Helping children with communication disorders succeed in school

The Oregonian | Ore. woman wakes from surgery with British accent

CBS 11 | Sound Therapy Can Silence The Ringing In Your Ears

CBS 11 | Viral Video of Twins Talking is Not That Unusual

KDAF 33 | Top Down, Volume Up: Study Finds Convertibles Can Harm Hearing

WFAA | Therapy helps children who don't want to eat

Dallas Morning News I 'King's Speech' is talk of Dallas-area stuttering community

CBS 11 | North Texas Man Relates to 'King's Speech' | Does my child have a feeding disorder?

KRLD News Radio 1080 | Dr. Pam Rollins discusses the Autism-Child Vaccines Study


NBC 17 | Tips for Buying Toys for Children With Special Needs

Dallas Morning News | UT Dallas Engineering Student Ideas Aid the Hearing-Impaired

CBS 11 | New Therapy Gives a Voice to North Texans

CW 33 | Now Hear this! Children with hearing loss need early intervention

Parents | Speech Delays: When to Worry

Dallas Morning News | Iowa professor to get Callier Prize in Communication Disorders

CBS 11 | UT Dallas Researchers Working To Help Identify Autism Early

ASHA Leader | The Changing Landscape of Pediatric Cochlear Implantation

Therapy Times | Lost in the Process

MomLogic | What If Asperger's Syndrome Disappeared?


Advance for Audiologists | A Labor of Love

Therapy Times | Face-to-Face with Challenging Therapy

Pregnancy & Baby | How to help your child stop thumb sucking

WFAA ABC 8 | Does Your Child Have A Speech Disorder?

WFAA ABC 8 | Neuromonics Used to Treat Tinnitus

Southwestern Medical Foundation | Autism: Breaking Through The Brain’s Barriers

UTD Mercury | 'Tricks for Talking' communication camp aids children, adolescents

Dallas Observer | A Cure For Tinnitus at UTD?

ABC Good Morning America | The Future of Stroke Rehabilitation

WFAA ABC 8 | Ten Easy Tips for Encouraging Your Baby's Communication Skills

Therapy Times | Therapy at the Speed of Sound

Dallas Morning News | Dallas' Callier Center to present prize to cochlear implant expert

WFAA ABC 8 | IBM Computers Benefit Child Development Program

Dallas Morning News | IBM teams with center to widen computer access to all children


The Wall Street Journal | Listening to Patients With Foreign Accent Syndrome

CBS 11 | New Dallas Treatment Helping Stroke Patients Speak

WFAA ABC 8 | Neighbors claim wind turbine makes them ill

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders | Cochlear Implant Camp

WCBSTV | 'Stroke Helmet' Helps Patients Learn To Talk Again

The New York Times | New therapies fight phantom noises of Tinnitus

KERA | Classroom Computers Enhance Education

The CW 33 | Quality and Decibel of Online Music

Dallas Morning News | Callier Prize in Communication Disorders goes to Australian


Dallas Morning News | Life with a Bionic Ear

Dallas Morning News | Leadership at Callier changing

UTD Mercury | News Brief

Advance Online | A Missive from Mozambique

Advance Weekly | On a Mission Humanitarian Audiology

Dallas Morning News | Children Enjoy Week of Fun, therapy at Summer Listening Camp

The United Methodist Reporter | United Methodist serves hearing-impaired in Mozambique

Dallas Morning News | Good Deed: Hearing expert recognized for work in Africa

Dallas Morning News | Healthy Hearing Special Olympics

Fort Worth Star-Telegram | Special Olympics

Dallas Morning News | Callier Audiologist gets Humanitarian Award

Audiology Today | Hearing Project Panama

Audiology Today | Humanitarian Award


American Journal of Audiology | Clinical Focus/Site Visit, The University of Texas at Dallas/Callier Center for Communication Disorders Doctor of Audiology Program