Explore the WOW!

Externship/Job Shadowing Program

Participation in the Externship/Job Shadowing Program gives you a firsthand look at the workplace in a career of your choice, makes valuable networking contacts and provides the opportunity to see how classroom learning can be applied to real world situations.

The primary goal of this program is to provide you with a structured, hands-on opportunity to experience the “world of work” without the longer term commitment of an internship or job.

Through exposure to a work setting, you will learn more about job requirements, employer expectations, and professionalism. You also benefit by finding out more about current and future internship and job openings.

Follow these instructions

Registration for the Explore the WOW (World of Work) job shadowing/externship program for all undergraduates opens on Mon. Dec. 16. You can find more information about Explore the WOW here.

Students will register in CometCareers, using these steps to Sign Up:

  1. Download the application here.
  2. Complete the document and upload it to CometCareers as a Miscellaneous document by going to My Account > My Documents.
  3. Search CometCareers for an externship by going to Career Events and choosing Explore the WOW as the category.
  4. Choose an externship from the list and click Register. Submit your resume and application at this step. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days.

Possible externship/job shadowing activities

  • Tour the facility
  • Sit in on staff meetings
  • Observe customer/client interactions, if applicable
  • Conduct informational interviews with colleagues and/or key staff members
  • Assist with projects or general office tasks
  • Overview of company mission and procedures
  • Visit with the Human Resources Department and/or meet with recruiters
  • Introduce extern to a new employee to give him/her a “fresh perspective”
  • Meet with UT Dallas Alumni who work at the organization
  • Provide marketing materials about company/organization for student
  • Demonstrate industry-specific software or tools

The Externship/Job Shadowing program formally takes place during the Spring Break week in March. Sponsoring organizations may host externs for 1-5 days during the break. You may also choose to arrange an externship experience on your own at a different time of the year.