Dr. Bert Moore

Dean of the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Aage and Margareta Møller Distinguished Professor

Moore was named dean of the School of Behavior and Brain Sciences (BBS) in 1988. Since that time, the number of major research centers affiliated with the school has increased from one to four. Although the school retains its strong commitment to understanding human cognition and social behavior across the lifespan, the range of brain-related studies has grown far beyond the initial focus on human development and communication sciences. BBS was the first Texas school to introduce an undergraduate neuroscience degree.

This growth has meant great opportunities for students, and Moore has worked to ensure that students profit from the research underway throughout the school. He believes BBS students benefit from a top-flight faculty that combines enthusiasm for research with a dedication to teaching.

Moore's own research focuses broadly on how emotion impacts cognitive, social and physiological processes. He has long been interested in how emotions affect people's views of themselves and the world around them.

Among Moore's best-known projects were the so-called marshmallow studies. These investigations of delayed gratification continue to influence other research.

He has served as associate editor of Motivation and Emotion and been a member of the editorial boards of five other journals in the area of personality and developmental psychology. He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society. Moore previously held academic appointments at Wellesley College and the University of California at Santa Barbara and visiting positions at UT Austin and Stanford University.

Moore earned his bachelor's degree at Southern Methodist University and holds a master's from the University of Illinois. He received his PhD from Stanford University in psychology.

Dr. Bert Moore

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

UT Dallas professor Aage Møller and his wife, Dr. Margareta Møller, established the chair in November 2009 to support the research and scholarly activities of the faculty member appointed to the professorship. Moore has held the chair since March 2011.

Moore has overseen incredible growth in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences during his 24 years as dean. The number of students has risen from 500 to 2,300, while the range and quality of research has expanded just as rapidly.

"The great community support that UT Dallas continues to receive has had an enormous impact on our school, greatly increasing the quality of our training for students and the significance of our research."