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Duck Yang
Assoc. Dean Research & Id. Progs.
BE 2.512

Duck Joo (D. J.) Yang, Ph.D.

Associate Dean
Research and Interdisciplinary Programs
Research Professor
Nanoscience and Technology

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Education and Experience

  • B.S., Clark University, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa (1972): Chemistry
  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley (1977): Physical Inorganic Chemistry
  • Executive MBA, University of Pennsylvania (1982)

  • Executive Vice President, Head of New Business Development, SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology: Samsung Group Central R&D Institute (2000-2003)
  • Vice President, CRO & Head of Chemical Sector, Samsung: SAIT (1997-2000)
  • Director: Product/Sales/Marketing/Supply Chains Management, DuPont Automotive Products SBU (DuPont Asia Pacific/DuPont-Korea) (1995-1997)
  • Project Manager, Semiconductor Materials Division, DuPont Electronics Materials SBU (Special Business Unit), Wilmington, DE (1993-1995)
  • Marketing Manager, Semiconductor Materials Division, DuPont Electronics Materials SBU, Wilmington, DE (1992-1993)
  • Technology Manager, Semiconductor Materials Division, DuPont Electronics Materials SBU, Wilmington, DE (1990-1992)
  • Research Chemist at DuPont Experimental Station, and was promoted in various R&D and mfg positions as Senior Research Chemist, Research Associate & Project Team Leader in several DuPont Specialty Business Units (SBUs): Polymer Intermediates Department, Explosives Division, Finishes/Fabricated Products Dept, Automotive Products SBU and Electronics Materials SBU, DuPont-USA, Wilmington, DE (1978-1990)


  • Nanotech Institute
  • Executive member at the Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the School of Management at UT Dallas  
  • Adjunct Professor at School of Applied Chemical Engineering/Alan G. MacDiarmid Energy Research Institute at Chonnam National University, Korea

Research Description

  • Synthesis of vanadium oxide nanotubes & fibers (VNTs/VNFs) and its application for energy storage
  • Composite electrode fabrication using VNTs with Graphene for supercapacitors /batteries
  • Functionalization of graphene sheet
  • New process development for composite CNT/Graphene fibers
  • Synthesis of fluorescent carbon nanomaterials and its application
  • Carbon fiber preparation from melt spinable polymers
  • Eco-friendly process research of nano-materials synthesis
  • Economical process development of biofuels: Conversion of non-edible cellulosics to bio-ethanol
  • Immobilization of nano particles or bio-catalyst on substrate
  • Hydrogen/CO2 storage material research using conductive polymer
  • Proton Exchange Polymer fuel cell  membrane development using PFCP

Selected Publications

Mallikarjuna N. Nadagouda,  Ishan Desai, Carlo Cruz and Duck J. Yang, “Novel Pd based catalyst for the removal of organic and emerging contaminantsRSC Advances , 2012, 2, 7540–7548.

 Abdelaziz Rahy, Chen Chou, Jie Zheng, SY Park, Moon J. Kim and Duck J. Yang “Synthesis of Highly Fluorescent Carbon NanoparticlesCarbon, 50, 1298-1302.

Jeliza S. Bonso, Abdelaziz Rahy, Sanjaya D. Perera, Nijem Nour, Oliver Seitz, Yves J. Chabal, Kenneth J. Balkus, Jr., John P. Ferraris and Duck J. Yang “Exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets-V2O5 nanotube composite electrodes for supercapacitor applicationJournal of Power Sources, 203 (2012) 227-232.

Anjalee D. Liyanage, John P. Ferraris, Inga H. Musselman, Duck-Joo Yang, Theodore E. Andersson, David Y. Son, Kenneth J. Balkus Jr “Nafion-sulfonated dendrimer composite membranes for fuel cell applications”  Journal of Membrane Science, 392-293, 2012, 175-180.

Abdelaziz Rahy; Touria Rguig; Sung June Cho; Christopher E Bunker and Duck Joo Yang, “Polar Solvent Soluble and Hydrogen Absorbing Polyaniline NanofibersSynthetic Metals, 161, 280-284, 2011.

Kwang Ho Lee, In Seong Choi, Young-Gyu Kim, Duck-Joo Yang and Hyeun-Jong Bae “Enhanced production of bioethanol and ultrastructural characteristics of reused Saccharomyces cerevisiae immobilized calcium alginate beadsBioresource  Technology, 102 , 17, 8191-8198, 2011.


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