General Rules

• Users must be trained before using the NMR spectrometers. After training students will gain access to the on-line reservation system.
• Advanced reservation is required before using the instruments.

• Please cancel your reservations if you decided not to use your originally booked time slot.
• During the peak hours (8:00 am - 6:00 pm) please reserve only one hour at a time.
• If you need more time, you may run your experiments overnight.
• When the instrument is reserved and no one is there, you may use the instrument but must give way when the original user shows up.

Fees for the Bruker AVANCE III™ 500 NMR Instrument

• Currently internal users are not charged usage fees.��
• For external users a fee of $20/hour will be charged.
• The fees collected will be used to cover the costs of liquid nitrogen and helium used to fill the magnet.


UT Dallas user

Academic User
(non-UT Dallas)

Industry User

User operated


$20.00/hr (9 am-6 pm)
$15.00/hr (all other times)*



Full night (8pm-9am)




Full day




Staff Operated




*between 4-6 hours of continuous usage will be charged a flat rate of $60, and more than 6 hours of continuous usage will be charged the full day rate ($80)