2017 US Open

[Event "US Open"] [Site "?"] [Date "2017.08.05"] [Round "8"] [White "Miller, Daniel Isaac"] [Black "Arribas Lopez, Angel"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "B00"] [WhiteElo "2207"] [BlackElo "2513"] [Annotator "Arribas, Angel"] [PlyCount "72"] [EventDate "2017.??.??"] [SourceDate "2017.04.19"] 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 Ne7 $5 {This line looks weird but it's actually interesting, especially against very theoretical players.} 4. Ngf3 g6 5. h4 h6 6. Bd3 Bg7 7. c3 Nd7 8. Qe2 c5 9. exd5 $6 {This kind of move usually means that white isn't gonna get anything from the opening.} Nxd5 {Taking with the pawn is also fine for black, but taking with the knight makes the position more unbalanced.} 10. Ne4 cxd4 11. Nd6+ Kf8 (11... Ke7 $1 {This was probably a better version, forcing white to play with the isolated pawn.} 12. Nxc8+ Rxc8 13. cxd4 Re8 14. O-O Kf8 $15) 12. h5 $6 (12. cxd4 $5 N7b6 $13 {This natural move was my first idea, and probably what I would have played if he had taken on d4.} (12... Nb8 $5 {This is also a very nice plan that I considered but wasn't really sure about it during the game.})) 12... Nc5 $1 {Probably the best practical move.} (12... dxc3 $5 {The computer likes this move that I was calculating for about 25 minutes. I had the feeling it was almost winning but I didn't see it clear and Nc5 looked good and forced, therefore much easier to calculate.} 13. hxg6 Nc5 14. Nxf7 {At this point I looked at cxb2, Nxd3, Qa5, and Nf4, which is actually the only winning move but I coudn't make it work during the game.} Nf4 $1 (14... Qa5 $2 15. b4 $1 $18 {I also saw this move, which made me feel that I had nothing and I was getting attacked for free.}) ( 14... cxb2 $6 {This is the one I spent more time on because I was getting a piece for free on d3.} 15. Bxb2 Nxd3+ 16. Kf1 $1 (16. Qxd3 $6 Qa5+ 17. Kf1 Bxb2 $13 {I liked this position but didn't see anything against 16. Kf1!}) 16... N5f4 17. Qe3 $14 {I saw this position and had the feeling that something bad was gonna happen. Although I might be able to hold it, it doesn't look great.}) (14... Nxd3+ $2 15. Qxd3 cxb2 16. Qa3+ $1 Qe7 17. Bxb2 $18 {I saw this which was obviously very bad.}) 15. Bxf4 Nxd3+ 16. Kf1 Nxf4 17. Nxd8 cxb2 18. Rb1 Nxe2 19. Kxe2 $17 {I actually calculated until this position, but white has gotten the piece back and I didn't see it as clear as the computer does.}) 13. Nxf7 (13. Ne4 {This is a sad move but probably the only one to stay in the game.}) 13... Nxd3+ 14. Qxd3 Kxf7 15. Qxg6+ Kf8 16. cxd4 Ne7 17. Qd3 Qd5 $19 18. Bf4 Bd7 19. Rc1 Bc6 20. Rh3 Rd8 21. Qa3 Ke8 22. Qxa7 Qe4+ 23. Be3 Nf5 24. Kf1 Nxe3+ 25. fxe3 Qd3+ 26. Kf2 Bxf3 27. Rxf3 Qd2+ 28. Kg3 Qxc1 29. Qxb7 Rd7 30. Qe4 Qc7+ 31. Kh3 Qd6 32. Qg6+ Kd8 33. e4 e5 34. Qg4 exd4 35. Ra3 Bf6 36. e5 Qxe5 0-1