Chess Educator of the Year Honorees
Year Honoree Honoree Location Link
2017 Andy SoltisAndy Soltis New York ChessFest News
2016 Jim EadeJim Eade California ChessFest News
2015 Jerry NashJerry Nash Tennessee ChessFest News
2014 Elizabeth TejadaElizabeth Tejada Florida ChessFest News
2013 Katie DellamaggioreKatie Dellamaggiore Pennsylvania ChessFest News
2012 Bruce PandolfiniBruce Pandolfini New York ChessFest News
Acceptance Speech
2011 Elizabeth ShaughnessyElizabeth Shaughnessy California ChessFest News
2010 Jonathan RowsonJonathan Rowson Scotland News Release
2009 Stephen LipschultzStephen Lipschultz Illinois News Release
2008 Beatriz MarinelloBeatriz Marinello New York News Release
2007 David MacEnultyDavid MacEnulty New York News Release
2006 Erik AndersonErik Anderson Washington State News Release
2005 Sunil WeeramantrySunil Weeramantry New York News Release
2004 Susan PolgarSusan Polgar Missouri News Release