Julio Catalino C. Sadorra — Profile

“UT Dallas combines both my academic and chess interests. The applied mathematics program was a natural choice because I like to analyze and calculate figures, much like I do when I play chess.”

“The best thing about the UT Dallas Chess Program is its desire to see its players excel in both chess and academics. Its provision for playing opportunities and training resources is an integral part of this.”

“While I was researching colleges, I was determined to play chess for a winning university team, so playing for the UT Dallas Chess Team was not something I had to deliberate. The team has a proven record and potential to win several titles every year, due to the program’s training regimen and dedication of the players.”

“As a freshman international student, being part of the team helped me acclimate to the new environment in my first semester. My teammates gave me valuable company and academic tips. The University offers a friendly, but serious and challenging academic atmosphere.”

“Recruiting international student players is essential because it not only gives the team a unique dynamic of varied cultures and playing styles, but it also enriches the knowledge and cultural appreciation of every player on the team.”

About Julio

Julio Catalino C. Sadorra, a freshman applied mathematics major, is an international student from Singapore, where he and his family moved from Cavite, Philippines. He enjoys reading chess books, watching British sitcoms and playing table tennis and basketball. Julio has a FIDE rating of 2450 and in June 2011 received the title of Grandmaster (GM).