Residential Camp & Conference Services


  • Interns must be 18 years of age or older
  • All interns must provide proof of internship from the sponsoring company, such as a letter of verification from your supervisor.
  • All summer guests must comply with the Resident Handbook
  • All interns will be placed in a private bedroom within a three bedroom suite. Private suites may be available for an additional charge.
  • Full payment must be received prior to move in. Residential Camps & Conference Services will provide you with an invoice based on the number of night's stay.
  • Interns must comply with the University Housing Handbook


Summer interns are required to provide information to be added to a comprehensive general liability and property damage insurance policy for The University of Texas at Dallas. This policy does not cover injury to the individual or damage to the individual's property. We encourage you to purchase personal renters insurance and health insurance to cover yourself.

Required Forms

Each participant must submit the following forms prior to or at check in:


  1. Request summer housing
  2. Provide Residential Camps & Conference Services with proof of your summer internship
  3. Residential Camps & Conference Services will provide you with a housing contract
  4. Return the signed contract within 14 days of receiving it and pay $150 deposit
  5. Submit information for insurance
  6. Residential Camps & Conference Services will provide you with an assignment
  7. Submit Release forms and parking information
  8. Pay invoice; full payment is required prior to move in
  9. Move in - please confirm your date and time of arrival at least seven days prior to moving in