Student Counseling Center
Student Services Building 4.600
Phone (24 Hour): 972-883-2575

Office Hours
Monday 8:00 am - 6 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00am - 7:30pm
Friday 8:00 am - 5 pm

Mailing Address
UT Dallas Counseling Center
800 W. Campbell Rd., SSB45
Richardson, TX 75080

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Confidentiality and the Initial Appointment Process

Due to ethical and legal obligations, the Counseling Center staff cannot tell anyone that the student is receiving services. Counselors adhere strictly to confidentiality laws for their profession and can only break them if the student gives written permission. Breaking confidentiality without permission is a rare occurrence used only for the protection of the student and others.

If the student gives written permission, the Counseling Center staff will call you and let you know that the student attended the initial appointment. If you want information about the student's contact with the Counseling Center, you will need to speak to the student who will make the decision about how much to reveal to you.

Students can usually schedule an intake appointment within a week of their call to the Counseling Center. In an emergency, students can be seen on the day of their call. Students are asked to come for an intake appointment to discuss counseling options. Recommendations may include individual or group counseling, medical evaluation referral, a substance abuse evaluation, a referral to a community resource, or a determination that the student should be seen in a psychiatric emergency room at a local hospital.

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