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Group Counseling

Weekly interaction with a small group of peers and a counselor can provide valuable feedback and support for self improvement.

Sessions may be time-limited and educational, with a focus on a specific topic, or ongoing over 1-2 semesters, with an emphasis on personal growth.

There are no session limits for group therapy.

Meeting Times and Topics

All groups meet weekly and are free to currently enrolled students, but will require a group screening.

Call 972-883-2575 to schedule a group screening.

Spring 2014 Group topics:

Healthy Relationships: Do you want more satisfying relationships in your life?  This group is for men and women enrolled at UTD who want to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings about relationships in a safe and supportive environment.  Information about healthy relationships will also be provided and discussed.  This group will give you the opportunity to address current concerns about your relationships, to identify with others experiencing similar concerns, and to learn more about yourself and how you can create healthy relationships in your life. Group will meet Monday's at 4pm.

Surviving & Succeeding as a Graduate Student: Attention Graduate/Professional Students! This is a group for any UTD students who are working on their graduate/professional degrees and are in need of support for (a) overcoming any personal issues getting in the way of your graduate work, (b) balancing demands from school and work with personal life, (c) getting motivated and organized to finish your dissertation/thesis/publication, (d) preparing for qualifying exam, defense, presentations, or job interviews, or (e) improving your relationship with your advisor, professors and fellow students. Group will meet Monday's at 2pm.

Couples Counseling Group: The primary focus is helping couples address common communication difficulties and develop more effective relationship skills. We will work to identify and understand problematic communication patterns and develop new skills to deal with conflict. The group is for couples wanting to improve communication before significant problems arise and for those who need help reconnecting. Members will learn about healthy communication patterns, discuss challenges in their own relationships, and practice communicating with each other in healthy ways. Group time will be determined following group screenings.

Mindfulness Meditation Group: Feeling stressed about the past, anxious about the future or just overwhelmed in general? Need some strategies for managing daily stressors? This group provides the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of Mindfulness, engage in a variety of meditative exercises, and receive support for developing your own Mindfulness Practice. No prior experience with meditation is needed. Feel free to bring a yoga matt/cushion. This group will remain open unless member size becomes too large, so schedule your group screening today! Group will meet Wednesday's at 5:30pm.

Cinematherapy: “Cinematherapy” is a personal growth group with a unique twist! The group uses popular media and art to facilitate self-exploration and understanding, and is open to all students. Each week we use a mixture of movies, television, music, art, and poetry to focus on common life experiences. Members are encouraged to share media and art with the group that is personally meaningful to them. Hopefully, through being part of the cinematherapy group, you will gain a better understanding of yourself, as well as contribute to the growth of others. Group will meet Wednesday's at 10am.

Women's Growth & Reflection: This group is open for women who wish to receive support and openly share their experiences and concerns. Members can explore personal and relationship issues in a safe environment. This would provide an open forum to discuss experiences that women in a college environment frequently encounter. Discussion topics may include body image issues, balancing personal and professional roles, romantic and familial relationships, and identity issues. The group is designed for women who seek and value personal growth. Group will meet Tuesday's at 1pm.

Sexual Identity & Expression: This is a process group open to all students who wish to explore issues of sexual identity and expression. The group is intended to provide a supportive and safe environment for people to share their individual and interpersonal struggles and joys, as well as learn more about themselves. Diverse viewpoints will be welcomed and equality respected. Group will meet Thursday's at 4pm.

Voices of Courage: Women's Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Recovery Group: This group is designed for women who are healing from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and incest, as well as adult survivors of sexual assault and rape.  Topics for the group will vary, but themes will typically center on understanding common reactions to trauma, developing healthy coping skills, and exploring concerns related to healthy relationships, including trust, intimacy and safety.  The group will also focus on empowerment and development of heathy self-image. Group will meet Thursday's at 4pm.

International Women's Support Group: This group is a place where you meet with other international students and share your cultural experiences of living and studying in the U.S.A. This group will provide the opportunity for members to learn from one another's experiences and share advice on how to succeed at UT Dallas with the support of a counselor and peers. Group will meet Friday's at 1pm.

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