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The University of Texas at Dallas

Detection Aids

Discovering or detecting acts of academic dishonesty is not easy, although it's not always difficult either. In an effort to assist in the detection of plagiarism, collusion, cheating or use of false references, the University has a variety of resources available for faculty use. For additional information about these resources, please contact Judicial Affairs at

McDermott Library

The McDermott Library web site has several methods by which references or cited articles can be evaluated for accuracy and proper attribution. Personal assistance by one of the reference librarians in maneuvering through the various methodologies is invaluable. Interlibrary loan is an excellent tool if the desired publication or referenced book is not available locally or electronically.

Moss - Measure of Software Similarity

For engineering areas, a software plagiarism detection program called Moss (Measure of Software Similarity) is available for the educational community. The Moss server provides pairing listings of programs with similar codes.

Through financial support of the Dean of Students Office, the University maintains a subscription to a plagiarism detection service for use by UT Dallas faculty. Once faculty access is established, students may be instructed to submit papers directly to the service or the paper may be submitted electronically by the faculty member. For additional information about access to the plagiarism detection program and establishing access, please contact Judicial Affairs.

By request, Judicial Affairs can conduct a mini-workshop about the plagiarism detection program for small groups. If you would like information about the seminar or have questions about the program, please contact Judicial Affairs at