UT Dallas Debate Team Bios
Daniel Becker

Daniel Becker, Freshman

Debated at Crowley High School where he qualified for both UIL and TFA state.

Jerry Benavides, Junior

Jerry, a computer science major, joined the squad in 2009. He debated for Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas.

Lesly Gutierrez

Lesly Gutierrez, Freshman

Debated at Crosby HS in Houston Texas. She’s majoring in Neuroscience.

Jacob Loehr

Jacob Loehr, Sophomore

Jacob Loehr was awarded a debate scholarship in 2012 after a very successful career at Westwood HS in Austin, where he finished 12th overall at NFL Nationals and was a three-time qualifier to the Texas Forensics Association state tournament. Jacob is majoring in political science. 

Emilio Lozano

Emilio Lozano, Sophomore

Debated at the Law Magnet High School in Dallas, TX.

Mariah McHenry

Mariah McHenry, Freshman

Debated at Capen Mt. Carmel High School in Wichita Kansas.

Dalton Mott

Dalton Mott, Jumior

Dalton is a political science major from Kansas. He debated at Independence High School in Kansas and was the 2011 4A Kansas State Debate Champion.

Anthony Ogbuli

Anthony Ogbuli, Junior

Debated at Homewood-Flossmoor High School and Illinois State University before joining the UTD debate team in 2013.

Kristyl Parker

Kristyl Parker, Freshman

Was a successful debater in the Houston Urban Debate League. She debated for Sharps Town High School.

Demarcus Powell

Demarcus Powell, Freshman

DeMarcus debated at Crowley high school for three years where he competed on the TFA and Texas TOC circuits. He Qualified for TFA State and U.I.L. region three times. During this time DeMarcus accumulated 841 NFL points. DeMarcus now debates at UT Dallas, he regularly judges on the Dallas circuit, and has judged in out-rounds of national tournaments.

Samantha Varney

Samantha Varney, Junior

Sam debated for four years before attending UT Dallas. She debated for Chattahoochee and then later for Glenbrook South High School. Samantha is currently majoring in finance. Sam is a UT Dallas debate scholarship recipient.

Rolando Velasquesz

Rolando Velasquesz, Sophomore

Rolando Velasquesz debated at Law Magnet High School in Dallas before receiving a debate scholarship in 2012.