Jonsson School Corporate Relations

Located in the heart of the Telecom Corridor, UT Dallas is within a few miles of hundreds of high-tech companies, ranging from small start-up ventures to large multinational corporations such as Texas Instruments, Ericsson and Raytheon. Created in large part to support and capitalize on this high-tech community's needs, the Jonsson School is an increasingly integral part of North Texas's economic engine. The relationships between UT Dallas and industry benefit our students, our faculty and area companies alike.

Contact: Rod Wetterskog, assistant dean of corporate relations

Check out our upcoming graduates

Many Jonsson School graduates taking advantage of challenging, lucrative career opportunities right here in North Texas. Hundreds of our graduates, for example, can be found at Texas Instruments and Raytheon alone, an impressive statistic for an engineering and computer science school that's only 25 years old. In addition to traditional high-tech career paths, more and more of our graduates have found their way in recent years into the business, financial and legal sectors as analysts, consultants and patent specialists.

Contact: Jerry Alexander, assistant dean for student development

Hire bright, productive interns

With around 500 students a year engaged as interns and cooperative education students – in both the Dallas area and beyond – the Jonsson School's Industrial Practice Programs office runs one of the largest operations its kind. Hundreds of employers a year take advantage of our undergraduate and graduate students as interns or co-op students. Graduate students often pursue master's and doctoral research projects as part of these assignments, and their industrial mentors frequently serve on the students' dissertation committees. Plus employers get a preview of upcoming graduates, often hiring former interns as full-time staff who are already familiar with the employer's operations and objectives.

Contact: Jerry Alexander, assistant dean for student development

Supplement your capabilities with a UTDesign team

The UTDesign program enables you to effectively expand your technical staff by taking advantage of the skills, energy and enthusiasm of teams of talented engineering and computer science students. UTDesign gives companies an opportunity to enlist teams students on industry projects that are the capstone of students' undergraduate education. Whether it involves application development, product design or hardware integration, our students are prepared to address your business needs.

Contact: Rod Wetterskog, assistant dean of corporate relations

Take advantage of our faculty researchers

Our faculty perform a variety of research for industry and government, ranging from consulting engagements to prototype development. Providing both basic and applied research, Jonsson School researchers have forged significant partnerships with everything from recent start-ups to industry powerhouses.

Contact: Rafael Martin, associate vice president for research

Invest in us as a high-tech resource

Many of our industrial partners understand the practical benefits of investing in the Jonsson School to ensure a continued flow of talented graduates and a resource for research. This investment occurs in a number of forms, including endowment funds for distinguished faculty chairs; funds for new buildings, equipment and infrastructure; fellowships and assistantships for outstanding students; and sponsorship of lectures, forums, colloquia, job fairs and other events.

Contact: Rod Wetterskog, assistant dean of corporate relations

Industrial Advisory Board

More than 60 representatives from dozens of companies serve as advisors to the school's academic and research programs through the Jonsson School's Industrial Advisory Board.