Why the Jonsson School?

Here are six reasons why this is the place for you.

Here's just a sampling of researchers. Learn much more by exploring our faculty research profiles, research centers and labs.

blerisLeonidas Bleris
His Synthetic & Systems Biology Research Lab is exploring a range of research problems at the intersection of systems and synthetic biology.

chabalYves Chabal
Director of the Laboratory for Surface and Nanostructure Modification, his interests include surface chemical functionalization of semiconductor and oxide surfaces.

hansenJohn H.L. Hansen
Founder of the Center for Robust Speech Systems, his research emphasizes robust recognition and training methods for spoken document retrieval and recognition.

harabagiuSanda Harabagiu
Her Human Language Technology Research Institute is helping enable natural-language interaction between humans and computers.

luHongbing Lu
An expert in the mechanics of materials, he has research funding in areas such as nano-indentation and the mechanics of nanostructured materials.

oKenneth K. O
A leading authority in the field of analog electronics, he is director of the Texas Analog Center of Excellence, which is transforming analog and power circuit research.