Jonsson School Research Centers


laser white board hearing device






Center for Control Science and Technology
The objective of the Center for Control Science and Technology is to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, technology-driven, global society by partnering with industry and other universities to:

  • Be a focal point and fertile gathering place for development and innovation to advance control science and control systems technology in both education and practice
  • Conduct research enhancing control systems technology in a variety of application areas
  • Deliver high-quality education to a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students and practicing engineers

Center for Robust Speech Systems
The focus of the Center for Robust Speech Systems is to provide excellent education in modern speech signal processing and language technology with an emphasis on fundamental engineering breakthroughs, balanced with core foundations in speech and hearing sciences. Our graduates are uniquely qualified for rewarding and successful careers in education, industry and research laboratories interested in speech and human-computer interaction.

Texas Analog Center of Excellence
The Texas Analog Center of Excellence (TxACE) is the largest analog research center based in an academic institution. The Center was created in 2008 to address issues in analog and mixed signal integrated circuits engineering. Analog circuitry is a critical component of nearly every product of a ~$300 billion per year integrated circuits industry, as a part of sensing, actuation, communication, power management and others. Digital integrated circuits such as microprocessors, logic circuits and memories are now integrating analog functions such as input/output circuits, phase locked loops, temperature sensors and power management circuits. It is also common to find microcontrollers with multiple analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters. These circuitries impact almost all aspect of modern life: safety and security, health care, transportation, energy, entertainment and many others.