Jonsson School Research Institutes

cyber security solar panels

Cyber Security Research and Education Institute

CSI, the Cyber Security Research and Education Institute is working towards enhancing their current efforts in cyber security research and education by exploring new opportunities in interdisciplinary research.

Human Language Technology (HLT)

HLT incorporates a broad spectrum of disciplines working towards two closely related goals: to enable computers to interact with humans using natural language capabilities; and to serve as useful assistants to humans by providing services such as automatic text understanding and retrieval, information extraction and question answering, automatic translation and speech recognition.

Institute for Intelligent Energy Systems

Established in 2009, the Institute for Intelligent Energy Systems is committed to creating a world-class collaborative environment for energy systems research and education, to facilitating partnerships among faculty, students and staff, and to serving as a single point of contact for external stakeholders.

Institute for Data Analytics

IDA, the Institute for Data Analytics is a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated for executing projects in data security, data analytics, benchmarking and data tools. They provide extraordinary service to our clients, funded research opportunities for our faculty and employment opportunities for our students.