Helpful Info for New UTD Faculty

Table of Contents


The following is a suggested order for the modules in this orientation.  The modules are in PowerPoint.  You will notice other documents.  There are links to these documents in the modules.  You are welcome to print them out and use them as long as you give credit to the appropriate authors.  If you have any questions about the modules or documents, please call Dean Cunningham at 972-883-2234 or e-mail at


    View Introduction Video.


I.             Read Me First—An Introduction


II.            Useful Information—Info and contacts you might need for your classes.


III.          Writing a Syllabus—What you could and should tell your students about your course.


IV.          Grading—How to develop a grading schema and how to avoid common grading pitfalls.


V.            Test Construction—How to write and grade effective exams.


VI.          Sexual Harassment—What it is and how you can avoid it.


VII.         Ethics in Teaching—Issues that every instructor will deal with at one time or another.


VIII.      Questioning—How to ask good questions in class so students will respond and participate in discussions.


IX.          Additional Info for Performing Arts Faculty


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