Graduate Program in History

Master of Arts

The program leading to the M.A. in History is designed both for individuals wishing to enhance their knowledge of and skills at the study of the past and for those intending to pursue a doctorate in a related field. Thus, students seeking the M.A. in History have two options, a “professional” option and a “research” option.

Students in the research option must complete thirty-six semester hours of course work, demonstrate reading proficiency in an approved foreign language, and successfully complete a master’s thesis.

Core Course (3 hours)
HIST 5311 Historiography
Students are expected to complete this course as early as possible in their programs.  
Prescribed Electives (24 hours)
Twenty-four hours chosen from the following courses:
HIST 6310 Early American History
HIST 6320 America in the Nineteenth Century
HIST 6325 America in the Twentieth Century
HIST 6330 Regional and Area History in the United States
HIST 6340European and World History
HUHI 6313 Thought, Culture, and Society in Europe
HUHI 6314 Thought, Culture, and Society in the United States
HUHI 6342 American Political Cultures
HUHI 7355 Perceptions of the Past
HUHI 7391 Women in European Society
HUHI 7397 Women in American Society
Elective Courses (3 hours)
Three hours in any organized course outside of History (HIST) and History of Ideas (HUHI).
Thesis (6 hours)
HIST 8398 Master’s Thesis

Having completed twenty-seven hours of course work, students must complete and present a thesis in history for evaluation by a master’s committee.

Students in the “professional” option in History must complete thirty-six hours of coursework, all normally in organized HIST and HUHI courses. They are not required to complete a thesis or meet a foreign language requirement.