Graduate Instruction in Education
Associate Dean of School of General Studies and Director for Teacher Development: Scherry F. Johnson


Professors: George W. Fair, Dean of School of General Studies
Associate Professors: Scherry F. Johnson, Associate Dean and Director
Senior Lecturers: Patricia Leek, Angela McNulty, Nancy Van, Rebekah K. Nix, Candice Chandler


In order to meet the demand for well-prepared educators in Texas’ Pre K-12 schools, The University of Texas at Dallas offers selected academic specializations with complementary advanced education coursework which prepares the student for teacher certification in Texas. These programs have been designed to expand the state’s capacity for highly-trained teachers and administrators, improve the performance of Texas students at all levels and support the advanced degree requirements of school districts in the University’s service area.

Post-Baccalaureate Program for Teacher Certification

Persons who already have baccalaureate degrees may seek teacher certification through UT Dallas.  Students must meet UTD Teacher Development Center entrance requirements to be admitted into the teacher certification program. 

Many professional education courses required for initial teacher certification are offered at the Master’s level for Post-Baccalaureate students, providing the option of counting at least part of the initial certification course work toward a MAIS Degree.  Post-Baccalaureate students should consult with an advisor in the Teacher Development Center after they are admitted to The University of Texas at Dallas through the UTD Admission Office. 

Students who choose to take their professional education courses at the graduate level must meet the 24-semester hour requirements in a teaching field and pass the state mandated content examination while taking their professional education courses.   Most education courses offered at the graduate level prepare post-baccalaureate students for certification with teaching specialties in Grades 8 – 12 and Grades 4 – 8.  Post-baccalaureate students seeking teaching certification for EC – 4th Grade will have more upper-division undergraduate coursework but some of the required professional education courses are offered at the graduate level.  

Student teaching or a supervised internship (6 SCH) will be required of all students in the UTD Teacher Certification program.  Qualified post-baccalaureate students may choose to take this course at the graduate level which has different requirements than the similar course for undergraduates.  All post-baccalaureate students in the teacher certification program must demonstrate computer literacy and effective public speaking.

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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Individuals pursuing an advanced degree should consider programs leading to a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree in the School of General Studies or the Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Humanities, Mathematics Education, or Science Education. The M.A.T. is aimed at developing a master teacher whose competence in the discipline is enhanced by the ability to create an effective teaching environment. Certification requirements can also be used to fulfill some graduate degree requirements. Requirements for the M.A.T. degree may require some professional education course work. Interested students should contact an advisor in the School of Arts and Humanities, the Department of Science/Mathematics Education, or the School of General Studies.


Urban Collaborative for Educational Leadership (UCEL)

The Urban Collaborative for Educational Leadership (UCEL) is a one year field-based administrator preparation program developed by The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), and the Dallas Independent School District (DISD).  This is a program uniquely designed for graduate students seeking a master’s degree with Texas principal certification.  Because the program is designed for a maximum cohort of 25 participants, candidates must meet the most rigorous standards for potential placement as a public school administrator by the nominating district (which can nominate multiple candidates) as well as the admission requirements for the program.

Participants are identified by the participating school district(s) and serve as campus administrative interns in that district throughout the program.  This intensive field-based administrator preparation experience over the course of one year gives interns opportunities to become highly qualified beginning administrators.  Interns progress through the program together, taking 3-5 courses each semester as a cohort.  Program participants spend one week-day away from their school campus at the University Center of Dallas where they attend classes and seminars.  Coursework requirements are tailored to the campus and district where the intern is employed.  Faculty and experienced school administrators teach the classes and supervise the practicum with the support of special lecturers and programs by experts from business, academia, and government.

UCEL graduate students will take a total of 13 courses or 39 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) together as a cohort.  Upon successful completion of the entire program, including passing the state certification exam, students enrolled at UTD will be awarded a MAIS Degree from the School of General Studies and be recommended