Course Descriptions

POEC 6325 Decision Theory (3 semester hours) explores the development of decision-making models across organizational and institutional environments. Includes detailed analysis of decision-making under conditions of certainty, risk and uncertainty. Same as PSCI 6325. (3-0) T
PA 6328 Management Process and Analysis (3 semester hours) This course examines rigorous methods for analyzing management processes and decision making. Focuses on the examination, critique and design of management systems. Examines various methods for improving organizational performance. Same as PSCI 6328. (3-0) T
PSCI 6331 Executives, Legislatures and Public Policy (3 semester hours) An investigation of the interaction between non-elected executives and elected officials in the making of public policy. Examines relationship ranging from city manager to city council relationships to relationships between federal bureaucrats and congress. Same as POEC 6331. (3-0) T
SOC 6340 Domestic Social Policy (3 semester hours) Overview of governmental and nongovernmental programs, policies, and institutions dealing with those who cannot function self-sufficiently within the American market economy, including low-income families, the elderly, the unemployed, and people with disabilities. Analyzes how social policy in the United States reflects the political economy and culture, as well as social and demographic trends. Same as POEC 7340. (3-0) Y
POEC 6352 Evaluation Research Methods in the Social Sciences (3 semester hours) A review of research methods used in program evaluation, with an emphasis on public and non-profit social programs. Issues addresses include research design, appropriate performance standards, measurement and selection of individuals, sampling, data collection and data analysis. Same as SOC 6352. (3-0)T
PA 7311 Models and Tools of Change Management (3 semester hours) Examines the set of theories and models of change management as they relate to organizational change. Provides applied tools for enacting change in a variety of organizational environments. Provides tools for adapting models of change to scope and scale of changes required. (3-0) Y
PA 7322 Negotiations for Effective Management (3 semester hours) Students in this course will learn about negotiations, principally in the public sector, and will develop and practice skills to become more proficient negotiators and more efficient managers. The course will be a combination of learning about negotiations and participating in exercises and simulated negotiations. The exercises and simulations reinforce theories about the role of negotiations in effective management and enable students to develop their own negotiation skills. (3-0) Y
PA 7332 Legal Environment of Public Affairs (3 semester hours) This class explores how the affects the operation, management and environment of public and non-profit organizations. Examines topics ranging from administrative law to legal relationships with other governmental and non-profit entities. The course also examines the relationship between legal and ethical mandates in the public realm. (3-0)T
PA 7305 Leadership of Public and Non-Profit Organizations (3 semester hours) Examines the range of contemporary theories of leadership with particular emphasis on Public and Non-Profit organizations. Explores cases of leadership success and failure in these environments. Examines the set of actions and behaviors requisite for leading contemporary organizations. (3-0) Y
PA 7375 Non-Profit Organizations: Theory and Practice (3 semester hours) This class explores the leading theories of non-profit organizations. Examines the unique elements of non-profit organizations and the academic and practical challenges produced by these distinctive elements. Examines how theory is applied to the practice of management in non-profit organizations. (3-0) T
PA 7390 Advanced Research Techniques for Public Affairs (3 semester hours) Includes a variety of applied research techniques aimed at enhancing analysis of intra-organizational and extra-organizational settings. Both qualitative and quantitative techniques will be explored and applied. Techniques range from ethnographic analysis of organizational and social cultures to development of survey research methods for needs assessment, environmental sensing and marketing. Prerequisite: POEC 5313 Descriptive and Inferential Statistics. (3-0) Y
PA 8340 Capstone Seminar for Leadership in Public Affairs (3 semester hours) Students will explore current issues in public affairs of relevance to their field experiences. The course will focus on the identification of these current issues as sources and challenges for ongoing research in public affairs. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Permission of the Program Director. (3-0) Y
PA 8360 Public Affairs Research Practicum (Total hours may not exceed 9 semester hours) This practicum will focus on the dissertation research. Students will be required to make oral and written reports that detail the progress of the dissertation. The group environment is designed to foster an appreciation for how the research experience influences decision making and leadership characteristics. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Permission of the Program Director. (3-0) Y
PA 8V98 Dissertation (1-9 semester hours) May be repeated. Total hours may not exceed 18 semester hours. Students will design and implement an improvement effort within an organization in their chosen field of specialization. The goal of this course is to provide students an applied experience dealing with the challenges of institutional and organizational change. Prerequisite: Permission of the Program Director. ([3-9]-0) Y

Public Management Specialization Elective Courses

PA 6320 Organizational Theory (3 semester hours) focuses on bureaucracy and rationality, formal and informal structures, and the role of the environment. Organizational factors such as technology, power, information, and culture, as well as the implications of organizational theory for public policy are examined. Same as SOC6320, POEC 6320 and PSCI 6320. (3-0) T
PA 6326 Decision Tools for Managers (3 semester hours) This course introduces students to the variety of analytical and mathematical tools intended to improve management decision making. Tools range from soft decision analysis to techniques of management science. Uses available software for management science studies. Same as PSCI 6326. (3-0) Y
PSCI 6336 Bureaucracy and Public Policy (3 semester hours) Examination of processes involved in arriving at administrative decisions within the structure of the regime. Reciprocal ties of influence and control between official organizations and other public and private organizational actors, as well as organizational dynamics such as communication, power, and decision making in administrative agencies. Same as POEC 6336. (3-0) T
POEC 6341 Urban Development (3 semester hours) Presents methods and models for understanding urban development processes. Topics of analysis include urban growth, land use patterns, transportation and local public goods systems. Welfare consequences of various urban policy options are explored. Same as ECO 6371 and SOC 6341. (3-0) Y
PA 6365 Local Economic Development (3 semester hours) This class will examine the role of local governments in promoting economic development in the United States, and will analyze the economic development process. Attention will be given to economic theories of local development and practical applications of those theories. Topics include local economic development and poverty, tax incentives, infrastructure credits, firm location decisions and effects of government competition for economic activity. Same as POEC 6365. (3-0) Y
PA 7343 Human Resources Management (3 semester hours) Examines theories, principles, and practices of human resources management in public organizations. Explores implications of social and administrative values as expressed in current human resource policies. (3-0) Y
PSCI 7370 Decision Making, Complexity and Risk (3 semester hours) Examines the important elements of risk in decision-making environments typified by increasing complexity. Reviews the variety of decision-making tools and simulation techniques for contending with increasing complexity. Examines elements of decision making such as nonlinear effects and the problem of marginal returns. (3-0) T

Nonprofit Management Specialization Elective Courses

SOC 5371 Non-Profit Organizations (3 semester hours) This course examines issues related to the rise, scope, development and impact of non-profit organizations. The course explores both the unique missions of non-profit organizations and the management challenges posed by this expanding sector of the organizational environment. Same as POEC 5371. (3-0) T
PA 7315 Fundraising and Media Relations for Nonprofit Organizations (3 semester hours) Fundraising is one of the most important but least understood functions for a manager of non-profit organizations, universities, private (and increasingly public) schools, arts and social service organizations. This graduate course is designed to prepare the manager to work effectively as a member of a fundraising team - either as staff or volunteer board member. (3-0) Y
POEC 7V62 Workshop: Non-Profit Organizations (3-9 semester hours) Students join a faculty member in an applied research project. Provides direct knowledge of the challenges and prospects faced by non-profit organizations. ([3-9]-0) T