Graduation Under a Particular Catalog

General and specific requirements for degrees in graduate programs may be altered in successive catalogs. Provided the requisite courses continue to be offered, the student is bound by the course work requirements of the catalog in force at the time of admission. With the approval of (1) the relevant Department Head, Associate Dean, or Director of Graduate Studies, and (2) the Dean of Graduate Studies, the student may instead elect to be bound by a subsequent catalog. This regulation applies only to the specific course work and the number of semester credit hours required for the academic degree.

Administrative requirements such as minimum grade point requirements for core courses can change for all students with the issuance of a new catalog.

The student should be aware that operating regulations, procedures, tuition and fees can be changed at any time. These are not bound by any catalog.

Application for Graduation

Students must apply for graduation to through their Department or Program Office and pay the graduation fee at the Bursarís Office by the date specified in the Schedule of Classes in order to graduate at the end of a given semester. Students must pay a new graduation fee and complete a separate application for graduation for each semester in which they attempt to graduate. Students who expect to receive more than one degree in a single semester must complete a separate application and pay a separate fee for each degree. Applicants who apply late for graduation will incur an additional fee. (refer to Academic Calendar)

In order to graduate, a student must pay all accounts due the university.

Graduation Under In Absentia Registration

In absentia registration for graduation (i.e., registration for no course work) may be arranged for the candidate who has completed all degree requirements including final oral examination, but have not yet submitted final approved copies of thesis, dissertation or other required report. Such candidates may, for a nominal fee and with the approval of their graduate adviser, the Dean of Graduate Studies, and submission of the approved in absentia registration form, register during the semester or summer session in which the degree will be received. If the final copies of the dissertation or thesis have not been approved by the supervisory committee and received and approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies before the first day of classes in a given semester, in absentia registration is not acceptable for that semester. This arrangement is not permissible for a candidate who is removing an incomplete (X) grade. All in absentia registration requests must be submitted for approval of the Graduate Dean prior to the first day of classes in the semester for which it will apply and the degree will be received.

Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are held at the conclusion of each semester. Students who graduate in the summer or fall may elect to participate in the ceremony at that time or wait until the spring graduation. Summer and fall graduates who elect to participate in the following spring graduation must file a written notice to the Registrarís Office via email to upon completion of degree requirements.