Dissertation and Thesis Guide

Last revised January 2016
Last web update January 2016

This guide was prepared by the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Questions concerning these guidelines or any aspect of manuscript preparation for the thesis, dissertation, or report should be directed to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies, FA3.104, 972-883-2234.

Converting LaTeX documents to PDF

In order to convert LaTeX documents you will need to connect to the UTD Unix server. The best way to do so is to use putty (download here).

host = apache.utdallas.eduWhen you download putty, type in apache.utdallas.edu for hostname, and select SSH for protocol. (The port should automatically set to 20 if you choose SSH as your protocol.) Click the open button to connect to the server.

You will be prompted for your username and password. Login with your NetID and your password.


Save a copy of your LaTeX document (with the .dvi extension) to your H:\ drive. When you login to the server, you will be given a command prompt.

Command Prompt

By default, you should be logged in to your home directory. Type

ls (followed by the enter key)

for a listing of files, and make sure your document is there. If it is not, check again to make sure that a copy is saved to your H:\ drive. If you still do not see it after typing ls, you might not be in your home directory. To get to your home directory, type in

cd ~ (followed by the enter key)

Finding your file


dvipdf sample.dvi

to convert your LaTeX document into PDF format, substituting your own filename for sample.dvi. The resulting PDF is saved in the same directory from which the program was run, which in this example was H:\

Note: When submitting your dissertation on CD, the dissertation must be the only file on the CD, and must be in the following format: Name TitleOfDissertation.pdf