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1997 Charly Herscovici, Brussels / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

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"Non-Degree Seeking" is a term which applies to students who are taking selected courses and who have not applied to, or been accepted into, a degree program. A student may be taking classes for various reasons; i.e., personal or professional enhancement, to transfer courses to another university, to correct a grade deficiency. Students who have not taken the GRE or GMAT, or who are awaiting results, may also be classified non-degree seeking.

A non-degree-seeking student must meet the same academic eligibility requirements and English proficiency requirements as degree­seeking students. Non-degree-seeking students who are ultimately admitted to a degree program may transfer no more than 15 non-degree credit hours to that degree program. A new application must be submitted when transferring from non-degree to degree seeking status.

Application for admission:

While a few courses in specific programs do not require prior approval from the program to register in those classes, most programs require non-degree-seeking students to obtain approval from the instructor, Graduate Advisor, or Program Head. Even for those programs not requiring prior approval, students are encouraged to speak to an advisor prior to enrolling in a class. The Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies, 972/883-2228 or 2234, serves as liaison between the students and programs. While the Office of the Graduate Dean cannot provide specific course information or advising codes, we are here to assist in coordinating your academic goals with your program of interest.