Office of Development and Alumni Relations
The Love Jack

The Love Jack Society

Membership is for donors who give $1,000 or more during the fiscal year. The current list recognizes members who gave in fiscal year 2012, which falls between Sept. 1, 2012 and Aug. 31, 2013.

Why the Love Jack? Margaret McDermott gave the 10-foot-tall steel "Jack" — created by American modernist sculptor Jim Love — to UT Dallas in 1976. Nestled in University Theatre Plaza, "Jack" was immediately dubbed Love Jack by admiring students, and the name has endured.

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Corporations, Foundations,
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Anonymous (9)
Mrs. Graziella Abdallah
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Adams
Mr. Barry Adamson
Mr. Robert Agee
Ms. Danielle Aguillard
Mr. Nawvid Ahmed
Ms. Tanzina Ahmed
Mr. Hassan Al-Tabatabaie
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce M. Allman
Ms. Lisa H. Alt
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Z. Altshuler
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Amand
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Gregg M. Anigian
Ms. Janet Bade and Mr. Bill Venegoni
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Baldridge
Mr. George W. Baldwin
Ms. Mary Susan Barnhill
Mr. Neil K. Basu
Mr. Bate A. Bate
Mr. Stephen R. Bauerband
Mr. and Mrs. Selwin Belofsky
Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Bennett
Dr. Britt R. Berrett
Mr. Randy Best
Mr. Patrick Bierschenk
Mrs. Ellen W. Blanchard
Mr. Bill Booziotis
Mrs. Barbara Botts
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Bowles Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brand
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Brandenburg
Ms. Paula L. Bratt
Mr. and Mrs. Mason Brown
Mr. Thomas L. Brunell
Mr. Kevin M. Brungardt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Buford
Mr. Michael Buhrmester
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie U. Bull Jr.
Mr. Urooj H. Burney
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Busbee
The Honorable and Mrs. George W. Bush
Mr. Mark A. Calhoun
Mrs. Donna Campbell
Dr. Thomas Campbell and Dr. Christine Dollaghan
Dr. Cyrus D. Cantrell and Dr. Mary L. Marple
Ms. Juanjuan Cao
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carraway
Mr. and Mrs. B. Gene Carter
Mrs. Betty R. Carter
Dr. James L. Carter
Mr. Brian O. Casey
Ms. Dianne T. Cash
Mr. and Mrs. Ballard O. Castleman
Dr. Sandra and Mr. Donald Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Charriere
Mr. Chris Cheatwood
Dr. Susan Chizeck and Dr. William Pervin
Mr. Chris Christison
Mr. and Mrs. Cullum Clark
Mr. Thomas and Dr. Jackie Clark
Dr. Harold Clarke and Dr. Marianne Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Clasby
Mrs. Rita C. Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cleveland
Mr. Harold Coffi
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Coggins
Mrs. Joyce K. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Collins
Mrs. Michelle Collins
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jan Collmer
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron T. Conley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Connelly
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Conner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Corson
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo L. Cotter
Mr. and Mrs. Del Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cree Sr.
Dr. Rachel and Mr. David Croson
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Crow
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cuban
Dr. and Mrs. Austin J. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Currey
Dr. and Mrs. David E. Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Davies
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Davilla
Ms. Peggy Dear
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Decherd
Ms. Paula R. Dennard
Lieutenant Governor and Mrs. David H. Dewhurst
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Dial
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Dickerson
The Estate of Leland B. Dillaha
Mr. Dimitri Dimitri
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Dixon Jr.
Mr. Satyajit P. Doctor
Mr. Alexander Doll
Mrs. Patricia M. Donosky
Mrs. Mary Dorflinger
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Dornseifer
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Dossett
Mr. Charles P. Doubek Jr.
Ms. M. Erin Dougherty and Mr. J. Ray Mitchel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Dransfield
Mrs. John K. Dunne Jr.
Mr. Wesley A. Dwyer
Mr. Michael C. Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Ehlers
Dr. and Mrs. Burton C. Einspruch
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Eisemann
Mr. and Mrs. S. Curt Eley
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Ellis
Dr. Brian A. Ellman
Ms. Ragen C. Elterman
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Emmons
Mr. Randall R. Engstrom
Dr. B. Henry Estess Jr.
Ms. Kathryn C. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Eveleth
Drs. George and Margaret Fair
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fagelman
Mr. David Fairbank and Ms. Judith Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Hillel A. Feinberg
Mr. Douglas K. Fejer
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Feld
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Ferre
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Finlay
Dr. Gene Fitch Jr.
Mr. John S. Fitts
Ms. Teresa T. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. J. Franklin Foxworthy II
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Francis Jr.
Ms. Deborah M. Frankum
Ms. Sharon N. Freytag
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Funk
Mr. Christopher C. Gage
Mrs. Helen W. Garrott
Dr. Gerard Gaynor
Dr. Wayne Gearey
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gehan
Professor John Geissman
Mr. Read P. Gendler
Dr. and Dr. David G. Genecov
The Honorable and Ms. Kenneth S. George
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett J. Glazer
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Gnade
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Gold
Mr. John C. Gooch
Dr. and Mrs. Craig S. Goodman
Mr. Dennis Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Gosslee
Ms. Jane K. Greene
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. George Grimmer
Mr. and Mrs. George Grimmer Jr.
Ms. Rebecca N. Grimmer
Mr. R. J. Grogan Jr.
Ms. Jeanne K. Grubbs
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gurun
Mr. Yancey I. Hai
Mr. John W. Hall V
Dr. and Mrs. Ray Hamby
Mr. Dan Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hammack
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Hanson
Ms. Kimberly Harmon
Dr. Jackson Harrell
Mr. and Mrs. Milledge Hart III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Hasco
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Hawes II
Mr. Jess Hay
Mr. David R. Heiting
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Helbing
Mr. Scott Helbing
Mr. Jeffrey M. Heller
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Hellums
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Hemmig
Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Henry
Mrs. Gloria M. Hewlett
Dr. Donald A. Hicks
Dr. Sydney and Mr. Forrest Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Al G. Hill Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Hobson
Ms. Elizabeth E. Hodge
Ms. Jannah L. Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. James Hoggard
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Holmberg
Mr. Richard C. Huckaba III
Mrs. Sally Ann Hudnall and Mr. Jim Snodgrass
Dr. Russell Hulse
Mrs. Caroline R. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson B. Hunt
Mr. Derick Hutchins
Mr. and Mrs. R. Steven Ivy
Mr. and Mrs. David Jacobs
Mrs. Mary M. Jalonick
Mr. Jeffrey Jamieson
Dr. and Mrs. Yashvant K. Jani
Mr. H. William Jesse Jr.
Mr. Naveen Jindal
Mr. Dan Johnson
Ms. Joyce R. Johnson
Mr. Dale C. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Jones
Ms. Milla Perry Jones
Mrs. Ramona Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Jonsson
Ms. Kathryn H. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roy Jordan
Ms. Dorothea J. Junt
Mrs. Mary Fan Kain
Mr. and Mrs. Fehmi Karahan
Mr. Kenneth W. Kay
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kelley
Mr. Kevin Kemp
Dr. Charles B. Key
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kimbriel
Mr. Emmit Koelle
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Koon
Drs. Dennis and Abby Kratz
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Krenik
Ms. Anchi H. Ku
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kurjan
Mrs. Jacqueline Lafrance
Mr. and Mrs. Dan B. Lain
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin M. Lane
Ms. Paula Larsen
Mr. James D. Latham
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lattner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lavie
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Layton
Dr. Gil S. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Hwansoo S. Lee
Dr. Zhiang J. Lin
Mr. and Mrs. William Litton
Dr. Edward H. Livingston and Dr. Eve Guth
Mr. Clifford Lloyd
Mrs. Melendy E. Lovett
Dr. Shaoming Lu
Mr. Steven W. Lyle
Dr. Seshagiri Madhavapeddy
Dr. Enric F. Madriguera
Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Maher
Ms. Linda C. Marcus
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Martindale
Mr. and Mrs. David Martineau
Mr. Michael J. Marz
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Massman
Ms. Holly Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. McCorcle
Mr. William McCormick
Mr. Dennis C. McCuistion
Mr. Michael McDaniel
Mr. David McDavid
Mrs. Eugene McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. Ke
vin C. McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McEvoy Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kelly McGee
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McIntire
Mr. John B. McKnight
Mr. and Mrs. William C. McManemin
Dr. Diane and Mr. Michael McNulty
Mrs. Anne McPherson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Merrick
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Meyer
Mr. Andrew J. Michael
Mr. James S. Michalek
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton M. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Miller
Mr. Garry C. Miller Jr.
Mrs. Geraldine Miller
Ms. Linda Miska
Mr. Breon Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Mitchell
Dr. Aage R. Moller
Mr. Tom A. Montgomery
Dr. Bert S. Moore and Dr. Lynne Kirk
Mr. Skip Moore
Dr. Boyd Morgan
Ms. Nancy P. Mulford
Mr. Jacob C. Naasz
Mr. and Mrs. David Nash
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ronald Nash
Ms. Andrea Nasher
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Nelsen
Mr. David Newberger
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Nixon
Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Nobles
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Noel
Mr. and Mrs. Erle A. Nye
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O'Donnell
Mr. Chijioke E. Offor
Mr. Mukadansi A. Olanrewaju
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Olbeter
Ms. Mildred M. Oppenheimer
Mr. Dave Ostrowski
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Owen
Drs. Margaret T. and Stuart F. Owen
Dr. Denise Park
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patrick
Mrs. Donise Pearson
Ms. Sherrie Pena
Mr. Robert Penn
Mr. Steven Penson
Dr. William S. Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ross Perot Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Petrick
Dr. and Mrs. Hasan Pirkul
Ms. Bonnie Pitman
Dr. Gordon P. Pollack
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pollock
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Potter
Mr. Jason Powell and Mr. Tim Chase
Mr. Loyd Powell Jr.
Mrs. Caren H. Prothro
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Purcel
Mr. Robert  Quillin and Ms. Vanessa Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Armin Rabe
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Rabe
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Rabin
Dr. Darrelene and Mr. Supat Rachavong
Dr. Suresh Radhakrishnan
Dr. Srinivasan Raghunathan
Mr. Karthik Rajasekaran
Dr. and Mrs. Karl E. Rathjen
Dr. and Mrs. Maynard Redeker
Drs. C.C. and Judy Reeves
Mr. Eric M. Reeves
Dr. Lawrence J. Reitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Rhodes Sr.
Mr. James R. Riley
Ms. Billie Leigh Rippey
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Ritter
Mr. Jeffrey Robinson and Ms. Stefanie Schneidler
Ms. Ruth E. Robinson
Mr. Terrence L. Rock
Ms. Susan Rogers and Mr. Doug Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Rooney
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Rose III
Mr. and Mrs. C. Tracy Rowlett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Rowling
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rutford
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Ryan
Mr. Michael and Dr. Ellen Safley
Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Sall
Dr. Todd Sandler and Ms. Jean Murdock
Dr. John W. Santrock
Mrs. Emilie K. Schepps
Mr. Chad S. Schieber
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Schleigh Jr.
Mr. Gregg Schmitt
Ms. Gail O. Schoellkopf
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schultz
Ms. Charlotte W. Schuman
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Schwartz
Mr. Ron Schwarz
Ms. Mary Sue Selman
Mr. Allen Selz
Mr. Anand Seshadri
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Shea
Drs. Dean and Cynthia Sherry
Dr. Jaspreet S. Sidhu
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Simmons
Ms. Amy B. Simpson
Ms. Frances Skinner
Dr. Charles M. Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Smith
Mrs. Gloria M. Snead
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ernesto Snead
Ms. Susan M. Soo
Dr. Magaly Spector and Dr. Yves Chabal
Dr. Satchit Srinivasan and Ms. Raji Mulukutla
Mr. and Mrs. R. David Stallman
Ms. Laurie M. Stanco
Ms. Michele Stauffenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stillman
Dr. John Stilwell and Mrs. Nancy O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stoffel
Mr. Donald and Dr. Norma Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Stool
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Stuart III
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sweeney
Ms. LaCritia Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Lontrell Tatum
Mr. Ronald Taylor
Mr. Nithin Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Thomas III
Mr. Jere W. Thompson Sr.
Dr. Allison Thurmond
Mr. and Mrs. McHenry T. Tichenor Jr.
Mr. Allan Tomlinson and Ms. Karen Cornett
Mrs. Dee Collins Torbert
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Toso
Ms. Ngoc M. Tran
Mr. Mark Tranchina
Mrs. Gordon G. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Turpin
Mr. Aaron M. Turrie
Ms. Maria G. Valdes
Mrs. Madeline van der Ziel-Meyer
Mr. Brian L. Van Eimeren
Dr. Anne E. Van Kleeck
Mr. Adam S. Vishinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Von Ehr
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Walker
Mrs. Doris L. Walton
Ms. Heather Walton
Mr. Lawrence Warder
Mr. and Mrs. Neil S. Waterman III
Mrs. Mary A. Watson
Mr. Thomas Watson
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Webb Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Weinberg
Ms. Jane A. Wetzel
Ms. Holly A. Whalen
Mr. Leland B. White
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wilbur
Dr. B. Hobson Wildenthal
Dr. and Mrs. C. Kern Wildenthal
Mr. Trent Williams
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Williamson
Ms. Jefflyn W. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Willox
Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. Wilson
Mrs. Lois Wolf
Mr. Terry Wolfe
Mr. Steven E. Wolfert
Mr. Kevin L. Woller
Mrs. Erica Yaeger and Mr. David Gantt
Dr. Duck J. Yang
Dr. and Mrs. Qingming Yang
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Young
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Zacharias
Dr. and Mrs. Anvar A. Zakhidov
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Zakrzewski
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zale
Dr. Jie Zhang
Anonymous (3)
A T.L.C. Pre-School & Extended Care Inc.
Accor North America Inc.
Agilent Technologies
AHI Facility Services Inc.
Air America Association Inc.
Air Liquide Laboratories
American Southwest Conference
Andrews Distributors of North Texas
Approach Operating
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Dallas Chapter
ATMOS Energy
Audimation Service Inc.
Austin Commercial LP
Austin Industries
Award Solutions Inc.
AZ-EZ Janitorial
Bangladeshi Student Organization Alumni
Bank of America N.A.
Baylor Health Care System
Baylor University
The Beck Group
Belmont BP Investors LLC
Belmont Group Inc.
Louise Belsterling Foundation
Benchmark Bank
Benchmark Title
Best Robotics Inc.
BHP Billiton Matched Giving Program
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Inc.
Bluewater International
Brand Capital Partners
Brandenburg Life Foundation
BRAv Ventures LP
Bray Family Trust
Hans G. & Thordis W. Burkhardt Foundation
Buses by Bill Inc.
Lena Callier Trust
The Catholic Foundation
Chevron Humankind Employee Fund
Children's Medical Center
Cirasys Inc.
Cisco Systems Inc.
City of Richardson
The Rita Crocker Clements Foundation
Coca-Cola Enterprises
Cochlear Americas
Calvert K. Collins Family Foundation Inc.
James M. Collins Foundation
The Columbus Foundation
Communities Foundation of Texas
Community Health Charities of Texas
Confucius Institute Headquarters
Corporate Communications Center Inc.
Creekwood Property Corp.
Crossvale Inc.
Crowe Horwath
CVS Caremark
The D'Addario Music Foundation
Dallas Chess Club
The Dallas Foundation
Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
The Dallas Margarita Society Inc.
Dallas Women's Foundation
Darling International Inc.
Dell Giving
Deloitte Foundation
Dial Foundation
Dowling Consulting Inc.
DRS Infrared Technology Inc.
The Dunne Group
E2M Partners
Eagle Social Media LLC
Encore Enterprises
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Ericsson Inc.
Ernst & Young
Essilor of America Inc.
Esterline Technologies Corp.
Extra Innings Batting Cages
ExxonMobil Corp.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fidelity Brokerage Services
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fischer & Co.
Follett Higher Education Group
Forge Energy LLC
Foundation for Callier Center and Communications Disorders
Frito-Lay Inc.
Frost National Bank
Fujitsu Laboratories of America Inc.
Fulbright & Jaworski
FutureWei Technologies
Garrison Brothers Distillery
Gatorade Inc.
General Dynamics
Gill Excavating Inc.
Glazer's Distributors
The Ryan Goldblatt Foundation
Grant Thornton LLP
Philip R. Greenleaf Living Trust
Halliburton Co.
Halliburton Investor Relations
Hammack Oil Co.
Harmony School of Business
Harmony Science Academy
Haynes and Boone LLP
Health Care Service Corp.
Heng Ying Technology Corp.
High Voltage Power Systems Inc.
Hill & Wilkinson Ltd.
Hillcrest Foundation
HKS Architects
Hoblitzelle Foundation
The Jannah Hodges Revocable Trust
HP U.S. Employee Product Giving Program
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
Hunger Busters
Hunt Construction Group
Huselton, Morgan & Maultsby
II-VI Foundation
Indy Power Systems
Institute of Internal Auditors, Dallas Chapter
Integrity Integration Resources (i2r)
Intel Corp.
Intelligent Epitaxy Technology Inc.
Internal Auditing Academic Advancement Fund Inc.
International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
Investors for Director Accountability Foundation
ISACA, North Texas Chapter
ITMO Saint Petersburg University
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Jindal Steel & Power Limited
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Gene and Jerry Jones Family Charities
The Philip R. Jonsson Foundation
Kasling Aircraft Co.
Jeffrey and Karen Katz Foundation
Keimyung University
Kyungpook National University
L-3 Communications Corp., Warrior Systems Division
L-3 Communications Infrared Products
Lennox International Inc.
Lexington Apartments Management
Little Elm Investment Co. Ltd.
LKS Foundation Inc.
LNS Laboratories Inc.
Lockheed Martin
Lone Star Aerospace
LSI Corp.
W.P. & Bulah Luse Foundation
Madison Viceroy Cotenancy
Malcolm Reed Ventures LP
Marketing Brainology
Mary Kay Inc.
McCuistion & Associates Inc.
The Eugene McDermott Foundation
Eugene McDermott Scholars Alumni Association
McGladrey LLP
Meidensha Corp.
Menara Networks
Meru Networks
Metroplex Technology Business Council Charitable Fund
The Miles Foundation
The Mirza Family Foundation
MOHR Partners Inc.
Mustang Technology Group LP
Nano Electronics Research Corp.
NASIM Foundation
National Association of Corporate Directors - North Texas
National Instruments
National Math + Science Initiative
Network for Good
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Inc.
North Texas Commission
Northwood Woman's Club
Nova-Kem LLC
Palo Verde Oil Co.
Pepsico Foundation Inc.
Perot Foundation
Pioneer Natural Resources Co.
Plains Capital Bank
Platinum IDS
Plexon Inc.
Polsinelli Shughart PC
Andrew and Lillian A. Posey Foundation
Robert J. Potter Foundation
Eric Powell and Associates PLLC
Rahman Financial
Raising Cane's
Raytheon Co.
RD Research Technology USA LLC
Recording Industry Association of America Inc.
Richardson Chamber of Commerce
Roach, Howard, Smith & Barton Inc.
Summerfield G. Roberts Foundation
Rockwell Collins
Rockwell Collins Charitable Corp.
The Rouse Family Foundation
Rupe Foundation
Sabre Holdings Corp.
Safeway Stores Inc.
Sam Pack's Five Star Ford
Schindler Elevator Corp.
Schwab Charitable Fund
Semiconductor Research Corp.
Ruth C. & Charles S. Sharp Foundation Inc.
Shell Oil Co. Foundation
The Sherwin-Williams Co.
Sigma Xi Chapter 286
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Harold Simmons Foundation Inc.
Smocked Runway LLC
SMU Athletics
SNU R and DB Foundation
Society for Information Management
Society of Iranian American Women for Education
Solanan Inc.
Southwestern Medical Foundation
Eugene Straus Charitable Trust
Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable and Educational Trust
Symon Communications Inc.
Synchronous Solutions Inc.
Teammate Audit Management System
Tektronix Inc.
Tenet Healthcare Corp.
Mike and Mary Terry Family Foundation
Texas Instruments Foundation
Texas Instruments Inc.
Texas Legends
Texas Tech University
Thompson & Knight LLP
Tiff's Treats
Tolleson Management LP
Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Systems Corp.
Trans Global Technologies Inc.
Trinity Industries Inc.
Tucker Foundation
Turner Construction Co.
Tyler Technologies
Typhoon HIL Inc.
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Under Armour
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
The University of Puget Sound
The Universit
y of Texas at Arlington
The University of Texas Foundation
US Chess Trust
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Vertical Partners West LLC
VMware Inc.
Von Ehr Foundation
Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation
Weaver LLC
Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo Foundation
Whitley Penn LLP
Wildenstein & Co. Inc.
Women of Saint Michael and All Angels Church
Xtera Communications Inc.
George and Fay Young Foundation Inc.
M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation