Advisory Committee for the Support of Diversity and Equity

Committee for the Support of Diversity and Equity

The Committee for the Support of Diversity and Equity is a University-wide standing committee reporting directly to the President of The University of Texas at Dallas.

The committee meets regularly to review and discuss issues that affect the institutional status, professional effectiveness and personal morale of women, minorities and members of other underrepresented groups in full and part-time faculty and staff positions. To support its role in understanding and recommending policy with respect to these and related issues, the committee is empowered to carry out studies, conduct interviews and prepare reports. The committee meets with the president at the beginning and end of each academic year to receive special charges and reports from the administration and to convey to the administration ideas, concerns and advice from the committee that address the issues of eliminating institutional features which differentially and negatively affect women, minorities and members of other underrepresented groups. It is also within the purview of this committee to recommend the creation and initiation of actions and policies which would support the professional careers of these same individuals.


Peter Park, Assistant Professor
Arts & Humanities

Vice Chair
Yang Liu, Associate Professor
Computer Science

Immediate Past Chairperson
Abby Kratz, Associate Provost
Academic Affairs/Provost

Cindy de Frias, Assistant Professor
Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Sherry Li, Associate Professor
Economic, Political and Policy Sciences

Mandy Maguire, Associate Professor
Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Alex Piquero, Professor
Economic, Political and Policy Sciences

Karen Prager, Professor
Interdisciplinary Studies

Monica Rankin, Assistant Professor
Arts and Humanities

Orlando Richard, Associate Professor

Eloise Square, Admin Services Officer 1
Molecular and Cell Biology

Kathryn Stecke, Ashbel Smith Professor
School of Management

Zhang Li, Professor

Staff Liaisons
Danny Cordova, Assistant Director
Office of Diversity and Community
Engagement, Multicultural Center

Yolande Evans, Director
Student Programs

Lisabeth Lassiter, Assistant Director
International Student Services

Jacqueline Long, Project Supervisor
Interdisciplinary Studies

Sherry Marek, Assistant Director
Academic Affairs/Provost

Student Diversity Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The purpose of the advisory council is to provide the students’ perspective, input and advice to the Office of Diversity and Community Engagement. The council will address the elements of student diversity, concerns, activities and programs to increase awareness and understanding of each other, and to move beyond simple tolerance to embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

List of Organizations:

Abigail Zapote


African Student Union
Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists
Bangladeshi Student Organization
Beta Chi Theta
Black Student Alliance
Chinese Student Association
Delta Epsilon Psi
Ethiopian Student Association
Filipino Student Association
French Student Association
Friendship Association of Chinese Students
Global Village
Hindi Club
Hindu Student Association
Indian Student Association
Intercultural Women Students Association
International Political Economy Student Association (IPESA)
Iranian Student Community
Japanese Student Association
Jiangxi Student Association

Korean Undergraduate Student Association
Ladies of Vision and Excellence
Lambda Phi Epsilon
Mexican Association of Students
Middle Eastern Student Association
Muslim Student Association
National Association of Black Accountants
National Society of Black Engineers
Pakistani Student Association
Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority
Sigma Lambda Beta (Men of Wisdom)
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Society of Women Engineers
Spanish Club
Sri Lankan Student Association
Students are Made Equal (SAME)
Turkish Student Association
Vietnamese Student Association
Women of Integrity Service and Honesty

The group embraces the principle that diversity is essential to reaching higher levels of excellence in the multicultural, multi-ethnic and diverse character of the United States in the 21st century. For more information, interested persons should contact Abigail Zapote,