Dr. Emily Tobey

Associate VP, Faculty Diversity

Brillance comes in all colors; strengths in many forms. When we learn to honor the differences and appreciate the mix, we're on our way.
— Kelly Ann Rothaus

Briefly summarized our objective for developing a diverse faculty is based on a growing body of research which demonstrates that preparing students for success in our globalized world requires exposure to many cultures, languages, races and viewpoints. Every student prospers when some of their teachers share their background, but every student also needs to be challenged by studying with scholars whose background, gender, age, culture and ethnicity differ from their own. The optimal achievement of the dual goals of a great university is facilitated by, and dependent upon, recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty.

The University of Texas at Dallas has one of the most diverse faculties in the nation. Our faculty is drawn from five continents and over sixty nations. They speak over 180 languages, practice most of the major religions and represent all of the major races of man. They range in age from their 20s to their 70s. A representative sample deal regularly with handicapping conditions, and a number are veterans. Their perspectives vary, but all are committed to understanding and respecting others and working together in a diverse community of committed scholars. We offer over 200 courses with focus on aspects of human diversity, and are committed to creating inclusive classrooms in which differences are respected and a wide variety of perspectives and opinions are valued. In spite of this success, there remain a number of areas in need of improvement.

Faculty and Research Employment Opportunities at UT Dallas

To learn more about faculty and research opportunities at UT Dallas, we invite you to visit the JOBS page on this site. To learn more about Life at UT Dallas and in the Metroplex, visit Life in DFW.

Status of UT Dallas

The UT Dallas Office of Strategic Planning & Analysis, under the direction of Dr. Lawrence Redlinger, provides relevant data on the status of UT Dallas and includes links to the University's profile and common data set and information on enrollment, degrees awarded and faculty. You can peruse information on the faculty starting in the year 1996.

History of UT Dallas

The History of UT Dallas is reviewed through an interactive timeline, with an oral history that includes President Lyndon B. Johnson, Dr. John Hoffman, Dr. Francis S. Johnson, President Emeritus Robert Rutford, and Former President Bryce Jordan. You can explore the pioneering past and promising future of UT Dallas as summarized in narrative, or you can view a video of our past presidents as they review the story of this University.

Research at UT Dallas

UT Dallas offers tremendous opportunities for perspective faculty intent on building productive careers in research. Our Office of Research is prepared to support your efforts as they have supported and facilitated the work of our current faculty (annual report). We are home to over fifty Research Centers and Institutes, including:

Our Office of Technology Commercialization exists to commercialize UT Dallas Technology and impact both local and regional economic development. Their record for assistance in start-up ventures, is outstanding. Scientists and engineers at UT Dallas are encouraged and facilitated in efforts to pursue technology commercialization.