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Nomination for Teaching Award for Inclusive Excellence- 2011

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Dr. Habte Woldu

   Born in Ethiopia, Dr. Woldu attended Haile Selassie I University in Addis Ababa where he pursued an undergraduate degree program education in social science while simultaneously working as an auditor for the National Bank of Ethiopia. He earned a scholarship to attend higher education abroad, and decided to pursue a Masters degree program in human resource management followed by a a Doctorate degree in Economics from the Academy of Economics in Poznan, Poland, where he met his wife, Margaret, and started a family.

After beginning his academic career as an Assistant professor at his alma mater in Poznan, Dr. Woldu and his family moved to Dallas where he subsequently joined University of Texas at Dallas family in 1993. Dr. Woldu has done extensive research and has many publications in a wide breadth of areas, including human resources management, the assessment of cultural values among various societies, with a particular interest on emerging economies. His particular academic interests are cross-cultural studies and the analysis of cultural dynamism.

During his 18-year tenure at the Jindal School of Management, Dr. Woldu has grown with the university itself and has been actively involved in the internationalization of UTD. Upon joining the faculty, the first thing he did was create a course focusing on multiculturalism in the classroom, however he quickly realized that the best way of enriching multiculturalism in a university environment was to take students abroad where they can assimilate with local people and businesses, practice their language and communication skills, and ultimately enhance their understanding of international business. These student trips abroad have grown to become an integral program at the Jindal School of Management and Dr. Woldu, in his capacity of the Director of International Management Programs, and the Director of International Students Exchange Programs and Foreign Study Trips, has had the opportunity to take students all over the world, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Rep., Germany, Sardinia, Italy, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, India, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Woldu's view on Diversity and Multiculturalism :

My family background and extensive experiences abroad have informed my world view on the importance of diversity and multiculturalism, not only as a medium for meaningful societal development and positive social change, but also from the perspective of staying competitive in an increasing difficult global economy.

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