Broader Impact Statement

Diversity Logo
Mailing Address:
The Office of Diversity and Community Engagement,
The University of Texas at Dallas,
800 W. Campbell Road, MP26,
Richardson, TX 75080

Physical Location:
Multipurpose Building (MP) 3.207,
Phone: (972) 883-4566
Fax: (972) 883-4565

News and Events

  • President’s Statement on Diversity
  • Office of Diversity and Community Engagement (ODCE) Strategic Areas of Focus
    • Increase demographics
    • Enhance retention, promotion and graduation
    • Improve climate of internal community
    • Celebrate culture and diversity and improve communications
    • Integrate diversity into the academic curriculum
  • Overview of ODCE initiatives in support of UTD’s strategic plan for diversity
  • Overview of five year demographic profile of UT Dallas (selected data)
  • The broader impacts of the proposed activities related to the ODCE's strategic area of focus
    • Advance discovery and understanding while promoting teaching, training and learning
      • Support for faculty research centers and institutes
      • Faculty recruitment
      • Faculty mentoring program
    • Broaden participation of underrepresented groups
      • Support of undergraduate and graduate education and research
      • Staff mentoring program
      • Support of K-12 and community efforts to advance diversity
      • Recruitment efforts for underrepresented students
      • Mentoring programs to encourage retention of underrepresented students
    • Enhance infrastructure for research and education
      • Support of system-wide diversity initiatives
      • Identify and establish collaborations between disciplines, academic institutions, industry, government and international partners
    • Broaden dissemination to enhance scientific and technological understanding
      • Identification, distribution and maintenance of scholarship and diversity funding opportunities on ODCE website plan to make data available electronically to users
      • Plan to make data available electronically to users, such as databases and online libraries
      • Participation in lecture series, diversity dialogue activities, multi- and interdisciplinary conferences, workshops and research activities
      • Partnerships with similar institutions to develop exhibits in science, math and engineering
    • Benefits of proposed activity to society
      • Community involvement
      • Information to formulate policies
      • Demonstrate partnerships with academic scientist, staff, federal agencies and the private sector to integrate research into broader programs and activities of national interest