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Numerical Simulation of Optical Transmission Systems

Prof. C. D. Cantrell
  • Raman amplification
  • Dispersion management
  • Optical switch fabrics
  • Polarization mode dispersion

Faculty members' research interests are often reflected in the graduate courses that they teach, as well as in the research areas in which they are currently active.

The graduate courses that Prof. Cantrell teaches include EE 6310 (Optical Communication Systems), EE 6328 (Nonlinear Fiber Optics), EE 6334 (Advanced Geometrical and Physical Optics), EE 6345 (Broadband Packet Networks), EE 6351 (Computational Electromagnetics), and EE 6481 (Numerical Methods in Engineering).

Physical Optics

Prof. Dale M. Byrne
  • Optical diffraction theory, diffractive optical elements and applications
  • Ellipsometry and optical properties of materials
  • Semiconductor process monitoring - scatterometry and ellipsometry

The graduate courses that Prof. Byrne teaches include EE 6309 (Fourier Optics), EE 6315 (Engineering Optics), EE 6316 (Fields and Waves), EE 6317 (Physical Optics), EE 6329 (Optical Signal Conditioning), EE 6333 (Statistical Optics), and EE 7V83 (Topics in Optics and Fields).

Optical Properties of Solids

Prof. Robert G. Glosser