eLearning Procedures

Section Creation

eLearning sections are automatically created for every academic class. An announcement will be sent out to all faculty when a semester's sections have been created and are available to faculty

Cross-list/Combining eLearning Sections

If you want to combine sections (i.e. all PHYS 1101 lab sections into one section) or cross-list your sections (i.e. PSY/SOC 1301.001), please complete the Cross-List/Combine Section Request Form, and you will receive an email when your section is ready.

Archived eLearning Course Policy

Sections in eLearning will remain on the server and be available to instructors for a total of four semesters. Each section will be available the semester it is offered, plus three semesters (for instance, a fall 2010 offering would be available until the end of the fall 2011 semester).

The sections will then be removed from the server and retained as archived files for an additional three semesters. These archived files will not be readily accessible by instructors, but can be restored by the eLearning office if necessary (for grade disputes, etc.). After this period, the sections will be permanently deleted (a fall 2010 course would be deleted after the fall 2012 semester).

eLearning Tutorials for Faculty



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


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