Teaching Online FAQ

How long does it take to create a course?

A fully developed 3 or 4 credit-hour course designed with the assistance of the UTD eLearning instructional designers takes two full semesters to develop. (See estimated development time breakdown.) Courses may be scheduled or developed in one of three course development cycles. These cycles typically kick off several weeks after the first day of classes each semester.

How much technology will I have to learn to develop a course?

For courses that are developed with the assistance of instructional designers, the UTD eLearning Team will take care of the technology. All you have to do is provide the content and assessments.

Where do I go for assistance developing my online content?

If you need assistance, please contact elearning@utdallas.edu.

How do I record a lecture?
Faculty developing online content can record lecture audio many ways. It is recommended that audio be recorded using the UTD eLearning production studio located in the School of Management; however, if this option is not utilized, it is strongly recommended that faculty record content in a quiet location with no background noise (i.e. phones ringing, dogs barking, etc.). UTD has a site license for the screen video capture software Camtasia, which is very useful in recording, editing, and producing lecture content. (View list of resources available for faculty use.) Please contact elearning@utdallas.edu if you have any questions, need assistance, or would like more information.

Do I need a teaching assistant?

The eLearning Team has TAs available who are trained on all technical aspects of recording, editing and reviewing your lectures. With the TA focusing on the equipment operation and monitoring of audio levels, you will be free to concentrate on the delivery of content. When the course gets offered, we strongly recommend having your own TA assisting you in teaching the online course.

How do I schedule time for live in the studio?

Contact elearning@utdallas.edu. It is recommended that you give as much advance notice as possible because the studio is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is there any way to conduct a live class session?

Yes. This can be done by using Adobe Connect, the university's web conferencing tool. By connecting a microphone to the computer, your students can hear you speak while simultaneously viewing what is on your computer desktop (i.e. PowerPoint, web pages and computer programs). Students may ask questions and interact with each other as well.

How do I conduct a proctored exam?

You will have to determine a testing window and submit the test to the UTD eLearning office electronically as an MS Word or PDF file. Students will take the exams at a pre-approved testing facility (coordinated with the UTD eLearning office). Hard copies of the exams will be returned to you for grading. (View proctored exam procedures for students.)


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