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Welcome to the Global MBA (GMBA) Online Newsletter, published just before the start of a new semester. This is the 4th issue and it includes information on GMBA program graduates,the new School of Management building under construction, the foreign study tour, course offerings in Fall 02 and an information page for registered online students! We hope you find this newsletter useful. Please let us know if you have any questions about the online MBA program and provide us your feedback about the newsletter.

-- George Barnes, Director, Global MBA Online Program

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Important Notice:

The UT Systemís current contract of Microsoft Program for faculty, staff and students to obtain MS software at $6 per disk is going to expire on the last day of August. It has not been renewed by Microsoft. You may want to obtain the software before the expiration date. The software CDs are available at Computize/HiED on Glenville Ave. in Richardson and the UTD bookstore on campus. Please also see GMBA Online Service Page for ordering information.

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Global MBA Online Graduates

Several of the first graduates of the Global MBA Online program walked the stage at the May, 2002 Commencement ceremony. One was Kerry Mitropoulos, perhaps a perfect example of why UTD began online delivery of its MBA degree. Kerry started his MBA while in Dallas working for Nortel, but was transferred to Italy at the end of 1999 and completed all the remaining courses from that location.

Dean Pirkul has recommended that the Global MBA Online students be grouped together at graduation, just as is done for the EMBA, Medical Management, and other graduate degree programs. Since online students rarely see eachother in person, we will mail special badges to graduates who plan to come to Dallas for Commencement. Program Director George Barnes, who will also wear a badge, probably will be among the faculty sitting on the stage. Congratulations to the Spring and Summer graduates!

The deadline to file a graduation application for the Fall 2002 semester is August 26. Students are required to fill out a graduation application form and submit it to the School of Management Advising office by this deadline.Please also see general UTD graduation information. If you plan to graduate in the Fall 2002 semester, and you are currently residing outside of Texas or the U.S., please contact Aaron Debord ([email protected]) in School of Management Advising office. The Commencement ceremony will be held on Dec. 14, 2002, in Richardson, TX.

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New School of Management Building (under construction)

The construction is underway for a 200,000-square-foot building that will serve as home to the universityís rapidly growing School of Management. This four-story building is to be located on the UTD campus at the southeast corner of University Parkway and Drive A. It's expected to be completed by the summer of 2003. Please visit School of Management's New Building Construction web site for more details.

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Foreign Study Tour

Students in UTD's Global MBA Online program can participate in a study tour to foreign countries. The trip and its written assignment provide 2 credit hours which can be used to substitute one organized class in the area of International Management electives. Prerequisites are Global Economy (IMS 5200) or its equivalent, plus one additional international business course at the Graduate level or consent of instructor.

The UTD Study Tour to Poland led by Prof. Habte Woldu usually takes place in May each year. Some GMBA Online program students accompanied Professor Woldu to Poland in the past years.

A new study trip to China is under consideration in the coming academic year. Please contact Prof. Woldu ([email protected]) to express your interest.

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GMBA Fall 02 Online Courses

The Fall 2002 semester starts August 22 (2nd 8-week course starts on Oct. 15). These 11 GMBA online courses will be offered:
AIM 6305.0T1
(UT TeleCampus course)
MAS6V07.0T1 (MECO 6201)
(UT TeleCampus course)
BPS 6201.0G1(1st 8 wk) MECO 6311.0G1
FIN 6301.0G1 MKT 6222.0G1 (1st 8wk)
FIN 6366.0G1 OPRE 6201.0G1
IMS 6200.0G1 (2nd 8 wk) (2 credit hr. with full term schedule)
IMS 6265.0G1(1st 8 wk) OPRE 6260.0G1 (1st 8 wk)

Among them, FIN 6366.0G1 is a newly developed online course offered by Professor David Springate and IMS 6200.0G1 is a re-developed course with a different instructor, Professor Kurt Siklar. For more course information, visit GMBA Course Offering Page.

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Information Page for Registered Online Students

The information page contains information for registered students on obtaining logon information, accessing the online courses, buying textbooks, technical support, and links to course information and syllabi. We hope the information page will help you prepare to get started with your Fall 02 online courses!

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