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A Word from the Director - George Barnes

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Global MBA (GMBA) Online Newsletter, published just before a new semester. We hope you find this newsletter useful. Please let us know if you have any questions about the online MBA and provide us your feedback about the newsletter.

UTD first offered GMBA courses in Fall 1999. The program has grown tremendously in just 3 years with enrollments averaging 40 per class (capped at 50 in some popular core courses), and with 53 total credit hours developed by January 2002. This means a student may now choose to pursue the MBA entirely online! We are pleased to announce we had our first graduates from the Global MBA Online program in the Fall 2001 semester.

What's New?

Course Access: The Spring 2002 semester starts on January 11th.The 2nd 8 week session starts March 8th. Course access will be available on or shortly before these dates.

  • You'll still access the WebCT Courses (section 0G1) at: Make sure you have your UTD Net ID and Password ready (your UTD email/network account).
  • For those who need to initialize the account, please go to: shortly before or at the start of the semester.
  • If your account has already been set up but you've forgotten your account info, please contact UTD student help desk, [email protected] or call 973-883-4878.
  • For the UT System TeleCampus courses (section 0T1), you can visit TeleCampus website for more info:

Foreign Study Tour: The School of Management will offer a trip to Poland in May 2002. The trip and its written assignment will provide up to 2 credit hours which can substitute for an organized class in the area of International Management electives. Interested students may look for this Area Studies- Trip to Poland course under IMS in the coming Summer02 UTD class schedule. Prerequisites are Global Economy (IMS 5200) or its equivalent, plus one additional international business course at the Graduate level or consent of the instructor. Please visit for more information in early Spring.

Course Offerings: For information (course list, dates, links to syllabus, etc.) about the online courses for the current and upcoming semesters, please visit:

Online Payment: You may access and pay your tuition balance via UTD's online Student Information System. Login to the Student Services link using your student ID# (ssn) and your password (birthday in MMDDYY format). For questions about tuition and other related fees, please contact the Bursar's office.

Campus Pipeline: UTD has set up the Campus Pipeline, a web portal connecting students to various online resources and services around campus, e.g. Student Information System, library resources, UTD email accounts and etc. To get in to the Campus Pipeline, you can use your UTD email/network account (same as you use to login to the WebCT courses) and login through UTD Home page or directly go to:

Graduation and Commencement

The deadline to file a graduation application form for the Spring 2002 semester is January 16th. Students are required to fill out a graduation application and submit it to the School of Management Advising office by this deadline. If you plan to graduate in the Spring 2002 semester, and you are currently residing outside of Texas or the U.S., please contact the School of Management Advising office, 972-883-2750. The Commencement ceremony will be held on May 18th, 2002, in Richardson, TX. General UTD graduation information is located at

We Want You!

Have you enrolled in many online courses at UTD? Are you designated as an MBG student? The MBG classification means that you are enrolled in the MBA program and will be pursuing your MBA primarily online. Your diploma will state only that you earned an MBA from UTD.

If you would like to change your status to MBG, please send an email to [email protected] stating "I would like to change my status from MBA to MBG" and we can process the change for you. If you are currently a non-degree seeking or international student, please select Global MBA online ("Master of Business Administration - Global" on the Texas Common Application) when you submit a new graduate application.

Top 5 - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What is the difference between the Global MBA Online & TeleCampus MBA Online?

UTD offers an MBA online called the Global MBA Online. UTD also participates in the UT-System TeleCampus MBA Online by offering 2 (of its 16) courses - ACCT 6305 and MAS 6V07 (MECO 6201 equivalent). Students in the UT TeleCampus program who select UTD as their degree-granting institution, must take a minimum of 30 credit hours from UTD, but may request transfer of 18 credit hours from other UT-System Schools in the TeleCampus program. To request registration for TeleCampus courses not offered by UTD, you will need to submit an IDEAR form to the School of Management Advising office. (Be sure to check that you have not already taken the UTD equivalent course.)

2. I am required to take the pre-requisite course MATH 5404 (MATH 1325 and/or MATH 1326)Is this course offered online?

UTD currently does not offer the MATH pre-requisite courses online.You may take the pre-requisites at another 4-year institution (online or on-campus) that offers the equivalent. You will need to submit the Pre-approval Request form to the School of Management Advising office (fax or postage mail) prior to enrolling in the course.

3. I have received confirmation that I am enrolled in an online course, but I cannot access the course. What should I do?

After you have paid the applicable tuition balance for the online course by the deadlines posted in the Schedule of Classes, then try the following steps:

  • Please read carefully and follow the course access instructions on GMBA web site and also in the email sent to you at the start of the semester. As a reminder, course access will be available shortly before or at the start of the semester.

  • If you did not receive the access instructions, please contact the advising office.

  • You need to have UTD Net Account to get access to the course. Make sure you have correct account information.

  • If you enrolled shortly before or at the start of the semester, please allow WebCT time (a few days at most) to add your account to the course.

  • Make sure you meet the technical requirements and have the required web browser and the right version installed.

  • If you experience further difficulty, you can always contact the UTD help desk, or GMBA Tech Support (for courses with section 0G1) for further assistance.

  • For questions with TeleCampus course access (section 0T1), please contact TeleCampus Tech Support or Susan Smith.

4.How do I transfer courses for credit from other institutions?

You can request to transfer up to 15 graduate level credit hours into the MBA degree program from other accredited institutions. You will need to submit the Transfer Request form to process your request.Please note, if you have completed graduate coursework that is applicable to the MBA degree at UTD through the UT-System TeleCampus, you may request transfer of up to 3 additional credit hours, for a total of 18 maximum allowable transfer credit hours.

5. How do I drop an online course?

You may submit your drop request via email to the Records office with a cc to [email protected] Please be aware of the applicable drop deadlines which are detailed in the Schedule of Classes.

For more FAQ's, please visit FAQ's page on GMBA Online Web Site at:

School of Management
University of Texas at Dallas

January, 2002