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As we are starting a new semester and an academic year, we would like first to welcome the new Global MBA (GMBA) students and all the returning students. In this 7th issue (Fall 2003) of GMBA Online Newsletter, information is provided on the following topics:

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George Barnes
GMBA Director
[email protected]

Qin Fang
Instructional Development
[email protected]

Manana Argvliani
SOM Graduate Advisor for GMBA

GMBA Registration/Admission
[email protected]

GMBA Tech Support
[email protected]

UTD Help Desk
[email protected]

UT TeleCampus Tech Support
[email protected]
[email protected]

UT TeleCampus Student Services Support
[email protected]

UTD Records Office [email protected]

UTD Bursar
[email protected]

SOM Advising Office
ailing Address:

The University of Texas at Dallas
School of Management - Advising Office
P.O. Box 830688, SM20
Richardson, TX 75083-0688
Tel: (972) 883-2750
Fax: (972) 883-6425

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Information Page for Registered Online Course Students

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Schedule of Classes

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Graduate Catalog

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UTTC Tech Support Page

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Comments and Feedback

Global MBA Online Program
School of Management
University of Texas at Dallas

August 2003

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Opening of a New SOM Building

We are moving! The new School of Management building has been completed. The move-in dates are August 11-August 15. The new building includes classrooms with state-of-the-art audio/ visual equipment, wireless connectivity, video-conferencing facilities, computer labs, faculty offices, meeting rooms, an executive education center and a coffee/snack bar. The GMBA Online program is located on the second floor and includes offices, a production suite, and a small computer lab.

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UTD Tuition Changes and Some Fee Updates

  1. Please check the Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 Tuition and Payment information. Changes have been made to UTD tuition and some fees for the new academic year. Please also see the GMBA FAQ-Tuition.

  2. Please note that the New Tuition and Fee Payment Policy, especially the updates about credit card payment information. Credit card payment is only available for online payment option through SIS. Discover and MasterCard are the two credit cards accepted with convenience fee charge.

  3. Change major: UTD has now a $25 fee charge for program change. Students who need to change their program should submit a Graduate Change of Program Request Form downloadable at this web page: SOM Advising Forms. The form can be faxed back to SOM Advising Office at: 972-883-6425. Student who anticipant to take most MBA courses online are encouraged to change to "MBG" major so as to get online course registration priorities and other benefits.

  4. Graduation application: the fee for applying graduation is now $40. GMBA students who apply for graduation should contact GMBA Advisor ([email protected]) at SOM Advising Office.

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Course Offerings Fall 2003

The Fall 2003 semester will start on 8/21 (2nd 8 week courses start on 10/16).There will be 12 courses available, 3 of them are newly developed online courses. Please note that OPRE 6201.0G1 as a 2-credit course has a special semester long schedule.

  • AIM 6305.0T1(class full)
  • FIN 6301.0G1
  • FIN 6366.0G1
  • IMS 5200.0G2(2nd 8 wk)
  • MAS 6V07.0T1
  • MECO 6215.0G1(1st 8 wk) (new)
  • MECO 6311.0G1
  • MIS 6316.0G1(new)
  • MIS 6318.0G1(new)
  • OPRE 6201.0G1(2-credit with semester-long schedule)
  • OB 6301.0G1
  • STAT 5311.0G1

If you still haven't registered for the Fall 2003 online courses, please send your registration request to [email protected].

Please note that AIM6305.0T1 course is currently full and closed for registration. All the other courses are still open. Since there is a cap for enrollment number for each course, we suggest that you send in your registration request as early as possible.

Please check the GMBA Course Offering Page for more course information. TheGetting Started Information Page for Registered Online Students contains additional links and useful information which we hope will help you get started with the online courses.

A Reminder: please make sure you have a valid UTD Net account and update your account password if necessary so that you can access UTD WebCT courses when the Fall semester starts. Please also see GMBA FAQ - Password.

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GMBA Curriculum Page Updated

The Curriculum page of GMBA Web Site has recently been updated. It includes information about sequence of each course. We hope this information will help you to plan ahead.

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GMBA Advising Contacts

Any questions regarding GMBA program admission, GMBA online course registration, course credit transfer, graduation or any other academic matters must be directed to [email protected] or call 972-883-2750 and ask for GMBA Advisor Ms. Manana Argvliani.

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