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New Global MBA Online Graduates

A highlight of the Spring 2003 semester is the graduation of 11 students from the Global MBA Online program. This is the highest number of graduates in one semester to date. It is also significant in several other ways:

  • 10 of the 11 took 39 hours online (33 from UTD, and an average of 6 from the UT-System TeleCampus)

  • 6 of the 11 live outside the Dallas metroplex, one of whom was transferred in mid-campus program and completed her MBA online, and two of the 6 live outside Texas (one military, one New Jersey)

  • 1 graduate took all online courses and 4 of the 11 were practically “pure” online, taking but 2 and 3 credits respectively on the UTD campus (2 others took no campus courses, but had 6 to 9 hours of transfer credit from another university)

  • these students could not have started their online MBA prior to the Fall, 1999, so on average they completed their MBA studies in just over 3 years.

These are significant as well as interesting statistics. They tell me we are providing an important service by offering the MBA online. My congratulations to Kristin Cannon, Robert Cragg, Jeffrey Duarte, Michael Hall, Scott Kotrla, Patricia Madigan, Nandakumar Mallenhalli, Russell Smith, Atma Sutjianto, John Whitaker, and Blaik Wisenbaker.

- - George Barnes, Director, Global MBA Online

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What's Your Code?

Are you correctly coded for the MBA Online program? What does that mean, you ask, and why does it matter? Here are some incentives:

  • you will be recognized as a “MBA Global” student at graduation and in the Commencement program, and will have front rows seats

  • you will enjoy priority course registration and not be put on a waiting list with ‘regular’ MBA students

  • you will receive timely emails about changes in UTD procedures, WebCT, and other course access issues

  • you will be advised about new courses being added to the electives, or other changes in the curriculum.

The magic code is "MBG." To determine if you are being tracked as MBG, login to UTD SIS and go to Unofficial Transcripts link. If your major is shown as “Master of Business Administration-Global” then you’re coded correctly. If you are not coded "MBG", but anticipate taking most of your courses online, we recommend you send an email request to GMBA Advisor at [email protected] requesting a change of designation.

Please note that the change of major code won't make any difference with the degree you will receive. You will be awarded the MBA degree on your diploma, the same as on-campus MBA students.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Course Offerings Summer 2003 and Fall 2003

The Summer 2003 semester starts on 5/16 (8-week courses start on 5/30). 7 GMBA online courses will be offered in this semester. The Fall 2003 semester will start on 8/21 (2nd 8 week courses start on 10/16). There will be 12 courses available, 3 of them are the newly developed online courses. Please see the introductions of these new courses and their instructors below.

Summer 2003 Courses

Fall 2003 Courses

  • BPS 6201.0G1(8 wk)
  • IMS 6220.0G1(8 wk)
  • IMS 6265.0G1(8 wk)
  • MAS 6V07.0T1(12 wk)
  • MIS 6302.0G1(12 wk)
  • IMS 6200.0G1(8 wk)
  • MKT 6222.0G1(8 wk)
  • AIM 6305.0T1
  • FIN 6301.0G1
  • FIN 6366.0G1
  • IMS 5200.0G2 (2nd 8 wk)
  • MAS 6V07.0T1
  • MECO 6215.0G1(1st 8 wk) (new)
  • MECO 6311.0G1
  • MIS 6316.0G1(new)
  • MIS 6318.0G1(new)
  • OPRE 6201.0G1(2-credit with semester-long schedule)
  • OB 6301.0G1
  • STAT 5311.0G1

Please check the GMBA Course Offering Page for more course information and updates. TheGetting Started Information Page for Registered Online Students contains additional links and useful information.

Three New Courses Start Fall 2003:

MECO 6215.0G1: The Economic and Legal Environment of Business

All business occurs within a particular legal and regulatory environment. This course will examine the structure and effects of that environment. The general theory of government regulation will be explained as it applies to various specific cases. Included will be such topics as the cost/benefit analysis of government regulations concerning safety, the environment, anti-trust, anti-discrimination, financial trading, health care and price controls. These topics will be examined within a general theoretical framework paying particular attention to comparisons between the impact of these laws and their apparent intent.. The role of changes in technology, the political environment and other macro-global influences will be addressed. Prerequisite: MECO 6201 (or MAS 6V07 in Global MBA Online program)

About the instructor: Peter Lewin has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago (1979). He has over 30 years teaching experience. His research interests include monetary economics, labor economics, economics of the firm and economic policy. He has published two books (one edited) and numerous scholarly articles.

MIS 6316.0G1: Telecommunications

Course will identify and analyze the different components of various kinds of telecommunication system and their impact on business. Emerging trends in telecommunication systems due to the development of new technologies and systems will be examined. Among the systems studied will be Voice networks, Data networks, PCS communications, LAN/WAN technologies and satellite communications. The course is not designed to make students experts in any of these areas; rather, the attempt will be to provide expose to important technologies to permit informed decision making about them.

About the Instructor: Rakesh Gupta is Assistant Professor in the ISOM Area of the School of Management at UTD. He holds a PhD degree in Management Information Systems from The Ohio State University. Research areas include Wireless Networks, Machine Learning, and Telecommunication and CATV network design. Most recently, he has been involved in the development of wireless specific applications for small hand-held devices.

MIS 6318.0G1: Introduction to Electronic Commerce

Global communication networks have emerged as companies and consumers discovers that the Internet is a powerful strategic asset, and can be used as a competitive weapon. In addition, increased demands for the efficient collection, dissemination, and processing of information beg for Intranet-based business process reengineering within companies. This course provides an overview of E-Business and E-Commerce and combines a technical introduction to E-Business and E-Commerce with a critical evaluation of EB and EC strategies and how they relate to a firm's strategic information management. A high level of class participation is expected.

About the instructor: Dr. Michael J. Savoie, Ph.D. is Director of E-Business Initiatives, and Director of the Center for Information Technology and Management (CITM) in the School of Management at UTD. Dr. Savoie brings to UTD sixteen years of university teaching experience at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He is the author of more than one hundred articles, chapters, and books on information technology, electronic commerce, quality, and operations management. His most recent book is Introduction to Quality Management and Engineering. Current research interests include e-business and the role of information technology in organizational transformation. Professionally, Dr. Savoie is a senior consultant and facilitator with over 19 years of experience with diverse business operations.

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Updating Your UTD Computer Account Password

  • UTD has a security policy requiring every user to update their UTD computer account (used for UTD WebCT access) password every 6 months.

  • You can login at: https://netid.utdallas.edu/ to update your password.

  • An email reminder with instructions for updating password is sent to a user’s UTD email account when it’s close to the password expiring time. You may check your UTD email account via Campus Pipeline at: http://pipeline.utdallas.edu/.

  • If you don’t intend to login to your UTD email account regularly, you may send a request to UTD Help Desk at [email protected] to have all your new incoming emails automatically forwarded to your preferred email account.

  • For any questions or assistance regarding UTD computer account, please call UTD Help Desk at: 972-883-2911 or email to [email protected].

Since it is very important especially for online students to have a WebCT access for their online courses,we ask students to follow the password updating procedures to avoid any inconvenient interruption of access.

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New School of Management Building

We had a report in our Fall 02 newsletter on the starting of construction of a new School of Management building. The building is now at the last stage of construction (see the photo taken on 4/09/03 above). The school is expected to move into the new building in July 2003. GMBA Online program will have a suite with offices and production lab areas.

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