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As we start another new academic year and Fall 2005 semester, we would like to welcome new online students and all returning students! In this issue of the newsletter, we would like to share with you information on the following topics:

Issue # 13, Fall 2005


George Barnes
GMBA Director
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Qin Fang
Instructional Designer
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Darren Crone
Instructional Designer
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Katrina Adams
Instructional Designer
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Corina Cantua
GMBA Advisor
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GMBA Registration and Advising
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GMBA Tech Support
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UTD Help Desk
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UT TeleCampus Tech Support
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UT TeleCampus
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SOM Advising Office Mailing Address:

The University of Texas at Dallas
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Tel: (972) 883-2750
Fax: (972) 883-6425

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Global MBA Online Program
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Behind The Scenes: Production Studio

Unlike some other online MBA programs which purchase generic publisher materials and plug in professors, the Global MBA Online courses rely on full time faculty working with a team of instructional designers to develop courses. The variety of instructional media that has resulted from this approach is well-known, and now it will be enhanced by the addition this Summer of a production studio located in the School of Management.

This facility will enable instructors to develop and upgrade high-quality audio and video recordings, and to integrate multi-media presentations and web-based exercises. Some other possibilities include creating guest lectures by visitors to UTD, video-based case studies, virtual whiteboard sessions, and online simulations.



Online Application for Graduation

Starting this fall semester, the application for graduation can now be submitted online.  Any graduate student planning to graduate this semester needs to contact the Global MBA Advisor, Corina Cantua at [email protected], to verify all the degree requirements have been met.  If so, the student must then submit the application by August 25th. 

To access the online graduation application, please visit:

Congratulations to this summer's 18 graduates of the Global MBA Online program who were recognized at UTD's School of Management commencement ceremony on August 6th.


Proctored Exam FAQ

Where can I find information on how to set up an off-campus Proctored Exam?

Can anyone proctor an exam for my online course?
No. Approved testing sites for proctored exams are the UTD Learning Resource Center, testing centers at an academic institution, testing centers such as Sylvan Learning Center, or an education office at a military installation. Any other testing location must be approved by the GMBA staff.

What should I do before I take my proctored exam?
1. Check your course syllabus to see if you will need to take a Scantron and/or scratch paper to the exam.
2. Call ahead the week before the exam and make sure the testing center has received your exam.

Where can I purchase a Scantron?
Scantrons can be purchased online through the MBS Direct Online Store.
Be sure to purchase your Scantron(s) early in the semester to allow time for shipping.

What happens after I take my proctored exam?
When the exam is completed, the testing center will mail your exam back to the address provided to them. If your test falls close to the deadline for tests to be returned to the GMBA office (established in your course syllabus), you can request that a copy of your exam be faxed to the GMBA office (972-883-6598) and/or you can have the testing center mail your exam back via an express courier.

Who do I contact if I have any other questions regarding proctored exams?
Email [email protected] or call 972-883-5964.


New Instructional Designer

Mrs. Katrina Adams became the new GMBA Instructional Designer in May 2005. She comes to us with several years of experience in instructional technology, including one year at the University of Texas at Arlington and over four years at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. She is currently working on her Masterís degree in Instructional Systems Technology at the University of North Texas. Katrinaís primary responsibilities are developing online GMBA courses and handling student services such as proctored exams and teleconference requests.

If you have any questions regarding proctored exams, teleconferences, or any other technical questions, please email Katrina at [email protected] or 972-883-5964.


Important Reminders

Academic calendar: Please keep in mind that our program follows the exact same academic calendar of the university. All deadlines apply to online students. It's important that you follow the schedule to pay fees, drop/add classes, etc.

Course registration: Priority is given to GMBA students for core course registration. GMBA students should register for classes during the early registration period. Registration request from graduate students with other majors will be processed when regular registration starts. Please send your registration request to [email protected].

Graduation application: The deadline for graduation application for Fall 2005 is Thursday August 25. Please email GMBA Advisor at [email protected] if you are graduating. Please also see the Graduation Web Site for more information.

Updating password: Please make sure you have a valid UTD NetID account and update your account password periodically (6-12 months) so that you can access UTD WebCT courses without any interruption. Please see GMBA FAQ - Password. You can go to NetID Page for password updating.

Fall 2005 term course starting dates:  3-credit full term and 1st 8-week courses starting on August 18, 2nd 8-week courses starting on October 13. Courses will be released for student access on or right before these dates. Please check out Getting Started Information page on course access instructions and other information. An email reminder will also be sent out to the registered students right before the semester starts.

Spring 2006 academic calendar will be available at: UTD Academic Calendar page.



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