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Happy holidays! As we end another year and another semester, we'd like to thank you all for participating in SOM online courses and welcome the new students to our online program with the starting of the Spring 2005 semester. We wish all students a happy holiday season and a very successful new semester. In this issue of the newsletter, information is provided on the following topics:

Issue # 11, Spring 2005


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Message from the director - Teaching Award

Annually, the School of Management recognizes teaching proficiency in several categories, e.g., undergraduate, graduate. Three years ago, effectiveness in online teaching was added. To be eligible for the award, an instructor must be nominated by students in the applicable course. Those letters and the course evaluation are made available to the Teaching Awards Committee. But the important point is that the nomination is triggered by student letters.

This Fall, our request for nominations yielded but 10 distributed among 6 different instructors. I know you have a higher opinion of many of your online instructors than that number implies: I read the course evaluations. Your letter of recommendation doesn’t have to be long and an online form is provided for your convenience. Please consider taking the time now to nominate a particularly effective Fall semester instructor, or make a note to consider nominating one of your Spring semester instructors. For your information, online teaching award winners have been Dr. Habte Woldu (Comparative Management Methods), Dr. Marilyn Kaplan (The Environment of Business) and Dr. Ted Day (Financial Management).

Online Teaching Award nomination form for your convenience:

Thank you for helping us recognize outstanding online teaching.

-- George Barnes, Director, Global MBA Online


Congratulations to the new GMBA graduates

At the end of Fall 2004 semester, we have another 22 online students graduated from Global MBA Online program. Our congratulations to the new graduates! We wish you all success in your live and career after the graduation. Thank you for being part of the program.

If you would like to share any feedback and comments you have about our program, please email to GMBA Director George Barnes at: [email protected]. We would very much appreciate it.


Spring 2005 online courses and course registration

In Spring 2005 semester, Global MBA Online program is offering total 18 online courses, with 9 core courses, 7 electives and 2 old core courses offered last time online. Here are the highlights of some new or changed courses: For the core courses, MIS 6204 is a new core course offered first time under new MBA curriculum which is derived from the old elective of MIS 6350; BPS 6310 is updated from the old 2-credit core course of BPS 6210; OPRE 6301 is the core course with new name and number from old STAT5311/MAS6V08. For the electives, IMS 6310 and IMS 6365 are updated from old 2-credit electives courses of IMS 6210 and IMS 6265.

Accounting Online program is also offering 8 online courses. Interested GMBA Online program students may take those courses as electives with the approval of the GMBA Advisor. Among these courses, AIM 6332 and AIM 6347 are the two newly developed course being offered for the first time.

Please see GMBA "Course Offerings" page for the course listing and more details.

Spring 2005 course registrations: GMBA students have enrollment priority for registering online core courses. Due to high demand from regular students within School of Management, we strongly recommend GMBA students send the registration requests to [email protected] as early as possible during the early registration period. We would like to remind those of you who still haven't registered that the spots are limited for all online courses. We encourage you to send your registration requests before Jan. 6 when the regular registration starts and the online courses will be open for other students. BPS 6310 course has already closed and a few other core courses are almost full. The last day to add a course for full term is Jan. 14, 1st 8 week course is Jan 18 and 2nd 8 week course is Mar. 21.

Summer 2005 course preview is also available on the Course Offerings page.


New proctored exam procedure

Starting Fall 2004 semester (full term and 2nd 8 week courses), GMBA program implemented a new exam delivery procedure. We used to mail hard copies to the exam proctors and included a return envelop and a Scantron Answer Form (if required) in the exam packet. We are now using the electronic delivery method to make the exam delivery procedure more secure and efficient. We send the exam downloading information to the exam proctors via email. The proctors download the exam by logging on to our system and access the exam as a PDF file and print out the exam for student to take. When you look for a testing location, please make sure the proctor has a valid and official business email address and has the capability and right tool of downloading and printing out PDF files. Also, please acquire some Scantron Forms for the future exams which may required one. Info for ordering Scantron Form is included in the Proctored Exam Information web page listed below. If the exam proctoring fee doesn't include mailing fee for exam return, you need to provide a paid return envelop to your proctor or pay any additional mailing fee to your proctor.

We require students to use the official testing centers at universities, colleges and other academic institutions or professional testing facilities. Any alternative testing locations need to be preapproved by GMBA Office.

Please see the Proctored Exam Information Page for more details and current information.


Important reminders

Academic calendar: Please keep in mind that our program follows the exact same academic calendar of the university. All deadlines apply to online students. It's important that you follow the schedule to pay fees, drop/add classes, etc.

Course registration: Priority is given to GMBA students for core course registration. GMBA students should register for classes during the early registration period. Registration request from graduate students with other majors will be processed when regular registration starts. Please send your registration request to [email protected].

Graduation application: The deadline for graduation application is January 18 for Spring 2005. Please email the GMBA Advisor at [email protected] if you are graduating. Please also see the Graduation Web Site for more information.

Updating password: Please make sure you have a valid UTD NetID account and update your account password periodically (6 -12 months) so that you can access UTD WebCT courses without any interruption. Please see GMBA FAQ - Password. You can go to NetID Page for password updating.

Spring 2005 term course starting dates: 3-credit full term and 1st 8-week courses starting on January 10 and 2nd 8-week courses starting on March 14. Courses will be released for student access on or right before these dates. Please check out Getting Started Information page on course access instructions and other information. An email reminder will also be sent out to the registered students right before the semester starts.


Departing of the GMBA Advisor

Most of you had a virtual interaction with Manana Argvliani - your academic advisor. She used to oversee all aspects of online student services including recruitment, admissions, registration, and advising. Manana has been with the University for more than 6 years and she received her Masters degree in Business from UTD as well. She will be leaving us soon to pursue her career goal at another University. We wish her all the best. Please email your registration requests and any academic advising inquiries to [email protected].


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