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Welcome to Summer 2005 semester. In this issue of the newsletter, information is provided on the following topics:

Issue # 12, Summer 2005


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 Teaching award nomination

Each year the School of Management presents an Excellence in Online Teaching Award to one professor. You should have received an email requesting nominations for this award in mid April. We thank those of you who have submitted their nominations. If you haven't submitted your nomination yet, you still have the opportunity to acknowledge a professor who taught an excellent online courses in the Fall 2004 or Spring 2005 semester.

Please submit your nomination at:

Thank you for helping us recognize outstanding online teaching


New GMBA graduates

Congratulations to another 11 graduates of the Global MBA Online program who were recognized at UTD’s School of Management commencement ceremony on May 7. This pushes the number of online graduates to just shy of 100. This is not the biggest group of graduates (Fall, 2004 was), but the ratio of students who have taken all their coursework online continues to increase, now representing 36%. Students being tracked as Global MBA online, and actively taking courses during the Spring, 2005, semester, stood at 190.


Profiles of two new online courses

The following are the two new online courses to be offered in Summer 2005 and Fall 2005 semester.

MIS 6319.0G1 Enterprise Resource Planning (Summer 2005)

This course introduces students to typical business processes seen in large corporations, with typical transaction documents in various functional areas such as Sales, Purchasing, Human Resources and Production. The SAP R/3 system serves as an enterprise model for data and processes. This model emphasizes the integration between the different functional areas. This course also covers managerial issues in ERP using an ERP life cycle approach. Topics such as selection of ERP and implementation approach are covered. Assignments will include exercises and demos in SAP R/3 and ERP case analysis.

About the instructors:

Lou Thompson - he has been with UTD for 4 years. Previous to his UTD career, he spent over 25 years in Software Development, Software Testing, Project Management, Quality Management, Customer Service, and Software Tools. Participated on the SAP R/3 Implementation Team at Fujitsu Network Communications. He has a Masters of Science in Computer Science from DePaul University and completed Middle Management Certification Program at Southern Methodist University.

Dr. Nirup Menon - he has been teaching the Enterprise Resource Computing since he joined UTD in Fall 2001. He also teaches the undergraduate decision support systems course, and a PhD seminar in MIS. His research interests include business value of information technology, electronic markets and intermediation, economics of information systems, software development, and enterprise systems. He has published in journals such as Management Science, Information Systems Research and JMIS. His dissertation work on productivity of information technology in the healthcare industry appeared as a book by Garland Publishing. He actively collaborates with industry (e.g., SAP) on teaching and research initiatives. His work on online investing with colleagues from UT-Austin has been cited on CNN-fn and Bloomberg news. Dr. Menon holds a PhD in MIS from the University of Arizona, and has previously held a faculty position at Texas Tech University.

OB 6307.0G1 Strategic Human Resource Management (Fall 2005)

This course will provide a generalist approach to the field of human resource management (HRM) with an emphasis on the strategic role of the human resource management function. Areas such as recruiting, selection, performance appraisal, training, compensation, managing diversity, safety, and job analysis will be covered within a strategic and global context. How each of these areas relates to one another (horizontal fit) as well as to the essence of the business (vertical fit) will be investigated. The course content is useful not only for students that want to work as human resource specialists, generalists, or executives but also to line managers and top officials who often time administer HRM related practices.

About the Instructor: Orlando Richard is Assistant Professor in the OSIM Area of the School of Management at UTD. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from The University of Kentucky. His research interests include strategic human resource management, workforce diversity, and corporate mentoring relationships. He has published over twenty articles in these areas.

To see a full list of Summer 05 and Fall 05 courses, please go to GMBA Course Offerings page.


 Library electronic reservation

UTD library provides electronic reservation services. More professors are starting to use this service for their courses including online courses. This will benefit students by reducing cost of course materials and providing instant access to those materials. To learn more about this service, please see the UTD library service page. Students can access UTD electronic resource remotely by logging on to Library Proxy Server with Comet Card (campus ID). For distance learning students who don't have Comet Card, please check out the library's Distance Learning page for more information and also find out other services available.


About proctored exams

The GMBA program has been using the new electronic exam delivery procedure for two semesters. Please see the Proctored Exam Information Page for all details and current information.

There are a few things we would like to emphasize upon:

  • We require students to use the official testing centers at universities, colleges and other academic institutions or professional testing facilities. Any alternative testing locations need to be pre-approved by the GMBA Office.
  • When finding a testing center to proctor your exam, please make sure your proctor has access to email and is capable of downloading and printing exams via our web site.
  • The Scantron answer form is required for some exams. You should acquire one beforehand and bring it to the test site. You may order the Scantron forms while you order the textbook for the new semester.
  • All timelines for submitting the exam form, taking the exams and receiving the completed exam by GMBA Office should be strictly followed.


Welcome the new GMBA Advisor

Ms. Corina Cantua became the new GMBA advisor in April 2005. She is a recent graduate from The University of Texas at Dallas with a bachelor of science degree in computer science. She was working for UTD's office of Enrollment Services before she came to the School of Management. Corina said: "I see a great importance in moving forward with education, and I am looking forward to helping online students move smoothly along that path."

If you have any registration requests and any academic advising inquiries, please email Corina at: [email protected] or call 972-883-2750.


Important reminders

Academic calendar: Please keep in mind that our program follows the exact same academic calendar of the university. All deadlines apply to online students. It's important that you follow the schedule to pay fees, drop/add classes, etc.

Course registration: Priority is given to GMBA students for core course registration. GMBA students should register for classes during the early registration period. Registration request from graduate students with other majors will be processed when regular registration starts. Please send your registration request to [email protected].

Graduation application: The deadline for graduation application for Summer 2005 is Monday May 23. Please email GMBA Advisor at [email protected] if you are graduating. Please also see the Graduation Web Site for more information.

Updating password: Please make sure you have a valid UTD NetID account and update your account password periodically (6-12 months) so that you can access UTD WebCT courses without any interruption. Please see GMBA FAQ - Password. You can go to NetID Page for password updating.

Summer 2005 term course starting dates:  3-credit full term and 1st 6-week courses starting on May 16, 8-week courses starting on May 31 and second 6-week courses start on June 22. Courses will be released for student access on or right before these dates. Please check out Getting Started Information page on course access instructions and other information. An email reminder will also be sent out to the registered students right before the semester starts.

Fall 2005 academic calendar is also available at: UTD Academic Calendar page.



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