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Holiday greetings to everyone! In this Spring 2007 issue of the newsletter, we would like to share with you the following information:

Issue # 17, Spring 2007


George Barnes
GMBA Director
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Qin Fang
Instructional Designer
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Darren Crone
Instructional Designer
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Katrina Adams
Instructional Designer
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Corina Cantua
GMBA Advisor
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GMBA Registration and Advising
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GMBA Support
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UTD Help Desk
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UT TeleCampus Tech Support
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UT TeleCampus
Student Services Support
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UTD Records Office
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UTD Bursar
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SOM Advising Office Mailing Address:

The University of Texas at Dallas
School of Management - Advising Office
P.O. Box 830688, SM 20
Richardson, TX 75083-0688
Tel: (972) 883-2750
Fax: (972) 883-6425

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Global MBA Online Program
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Global MBA Online Brochure

We're pleased to announce that Global MBA Online program has now officially published a program brochure. It's available in hardcopy and a electronic version in PDF format is also available for downloading. It provides highlights and basic information about our program. Please feel free to pass it on to anyone who might be interested in GMBA program.


Spring 2007 Courses and New Course Profiles

In the Spring 2007 semester, The Global MBA Online program will be offering 10 core courses and 8 electives. The Accounting Online program is also offering 11 online courses. Please see the Spring 2007 Course Offerings page for the complete course list and also the textbook list. If you haven't registered for S07 yet, please send your course registration request to: [email protected].

Profile of Two New Online Courses:

MAS 6V10.0G1: Special Topics in MIS - SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse (3 semester hours)

The Special Topic that will be covered in MAS 6V10 is “SAP Business Warehouse”. This is a GMBA Online reading, lectures, and SAP Business Warehouse System hands on course. Students will first study general Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.
The remainder of the course focuses on SAP Business Warehousing and reporting. Students will learning how to develop and implement Queries that data mine existing data that resides in the UTD SAP Business Warehouse. Students will also develop and import data into the UTD SAP Business Warehouse.

About the instructor: Lou Thompson - he has been with UTD for 5 years. Previous to his UTD career, he spent over 25 years in Software Development, Software Testing, Project Management, Quality Management, Customer Service, and Software Tools. He participated on the SAP R/3 Implementation Team at Fujitsu Network Communications. He has a Masters of Science in Computer Science from DePaul University and completed Middle Management Certification Program at Southern Methodist University.

MKT 6220.0G1 - Consumer Behavior (2 semester hours)

Consumer behavior focuses on why as well as how consumers make specific decisions and behave in certain ways to marketing and non-marketing stimuli. This marketing course closely examines what motivates consumers, what captures their attention, what retains their loyalty and other related aspects of buyer behavior. The theoretical perspectives of consumer behavior along with practical marketing implications will be presented. Topics will include the consumer decision making model, individual determinants of consumer behavior and environmental influences on consumer behavior along with their impact on marketing. Numerous examples and caselets will be used to highlight the most relevant topics & issues.

The primary mode of teaching will be online lecture modules along with relevant discussions & group projects. A significant component of the learning experience, in a course of this type, is constructive & reasoned discussion among the students. With this in mind, all students are encouraged to actively and judiciously participate in online class discussions.

About the instructor: Prof. Biswas has taught Marketing courses for the last 18 years at Purdue University, SMU and UTD. He has had 2 years of industry work experience at a multinational company and has been in marketing consulting for over 7 years.


WebCT 6 Server Issues and Updates

As you have probably noticed, WebCT 6 server has had a few issues in  this past Fall 2006 semester. We’ve been working closely with the university’s WebCT administrators trying to alleviate the problems. It has been found that most of the problems we’ve all experienced are due to the unexpected dramatic increase in the number of WebCT 6 users in the Fall semester. To address this, the WebCT admins are clustering multiple computers together in order to better handle the load. They plan on adding additional servers to the cluster over the next semester.

Be sure to check the Campus Announcements section of the My WebCT page where your classes are listed. Here, you will find important information on maintenance schedules and any unexpected emergency outages.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact [email protected].

If you are new to WebCT 6 or need to learn more, please see this Student Guide to WebCT CE6  provided by UTD Information Resources. A student tutorial will be available while logging in to the WebCT CE6 server. For a quick orientation, please see WebCT CE6 Student Orientation.


Online Teaching Award Nomination

Each year the School of Management presents an Excellence in Online Teaching Award to one professor. A link to the nomination is provided together with your course evaluation. If you haven't submitted your nomination yet, you still have the opportunity to acknowledge a professor who taught an excellent online courses in this Fall 2006 semester.

Please submit your nomination at:

Thank you for helping us recognize outstanding online teaching!


Math Refresher Course

As announced in the previous newsletter, a Math Refresher Course is available for anyone who wants to refresh the math topics which are needed in quantitative MBA courses such as finance, statistics and operations. A self-test is available to help you determine if you should enroll in the course. The cost of the course is $75 and you will have access to all of the course material for 1 year.

For self-test and course registration, please go to:


Important Reminders

New Library Access Information: Beginning December 13, 2006, your UTD-ID will be required to access the Library’s electronic resources from off-campus. Your UTD-ID can be found by logging on to Please see UTD Library's Distance Learning page for more information on accessing library resources for online students. This link is also available in each online course.  Flash-Based Tutorials on using electronic databases are also available.

Academic calendar: Please keep in mind that our program follows the exact same academic calendar as the university. All deadlines apply to online students. It's important that you follow the schedule to register courses, pay fees, drop/add classes and etc.

Course registration: Priority is given to GMBA students for core course registration. GMBA students should register for classes during the early registration period. Registration request from graduate students with other majors will be processed when regular registration starts. Please send your registration request to GMBA Advisor at [email protected]. Please see the UTD Course Schedule.

Graduation application: The deadline for graduation application for Spring 2007 is January 16, 2007. Please email the GMBA Advisor at [email protected] if you are graduating. Please also see the Graduation Web Site for more information.

Updating your password: Please make sure you have a valid UTD NetID account and update your account password periodically (6-12 months) so that you can access UTD WebCT courses without any interruption. Please see GMBA FAQ - Password. You can go to the NetID Page for password updating.

Spring 2007 semester course starting dates:  16 week full term courses and 1st 8-week courses start on January 8 and 2nd 8-week courses start on March 12. Courses will be released for student access on or right before these dates. Please check out the Getting Started Information page for course access instructions and other information. An email reminder will also be sent out to all registered students right before the semester starts.



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