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Another semester has passed and Summer is just around the corner. And yes, we do have some exciting news and updates to share with you again! Want to know the story behind this image? Please read on......

Issue # 18, Summer 2007


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Global MBA Online Program
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UTD School of Management Entered Second Life

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world where people (represented by avatars) reside and build their own environments. "Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of 5,830,334 people from around the globe...... Second Life is an exciting new venue for collaboration, training, distance learning, new media studies and marketing", as stated on Second Life web site.

The UTD School of Management has recently opened its doors to the UTD SOM virtual island in Second Life. This virtual space, which was entirely built and is maintained by GMBA staff, provides numerous spaces for UTD students to gather, communicate, and collaborate. Visitors to the island can walk through the SOM building, meet in classrooms and conference rooms, and meet with team members in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. A virtual auditorium and outdoor venues have been created to house future events.

To access Second Life and visit the UTD SOM island, you must first create a free account at Second Life web site (click on the “Join Now” button) and download the client software to your computer. After you login to Second Life, to visit our island, click on the Map button and search for “UTD SOM”. Or visit the following url: SOM/141/70/22/. For more information about the virtual UTD SOM and how to access it, please visit: The SOM island is still being developed. More contents and features will become available soon.

We hope the virtual SOM in Second Life will provide you an opportunity to "physically" experience the School of Management and give you a new approach to access school information and interact and socialize with faculty, staff, alumni and fellow students.

We look forward to seeing you in-world!

(About the image in this newsletter:  avatars of GMBA Staff members gathering inside the virtual SOM building in Second Life)


Summer 2007 Courses and New Course Profiles

In the Summer 2007 semester, The Global MBA Online program will be offering 5 core courses and 8 electives. The Accounting Online program is also offering 9 online courses. Please see the Summer 2007 Course Offerings page for the complete course list and also the textbook list. The Fall 2007 courses are also open for registration. See the Fall 2007 Course Offerings page for the course list. If you need to register for courses for either Summer 07 or Fall 07 semester or both, please send a registration request to: [email protected] from your UTD email account.

Profile of a New Online Course to be offered in Summer 2007:

BPS 6320.0G1: Government Regulation of Business (3 semester hours)

This course will examine the punishment of business through regulation. It will be dealing with the regulation of business from both a strategic management and a business policy perspective. It will study the intent of the regulatory system, its effects on corporations, both positive and negative, and the strategies businesses use to manage the regulatory burden.

The course considers the impact of U.S. federal and state agencies on business as well as international legal issues. Emphasis is on a strategic approach to the principle regulatory issues facing business today.

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  1. Students will identify strategic solutions to regulatory problems.
  2. Students will construct an imaginary firm and evaluate variables such as firm size, location, and form of business relating their decisions to laws and regulations.
  3. Students will identify a variety of legal possible solutions.

The course will consist of short, basic lectures on the material to be followed by podcasts covering current lawsuits and examples. Students will research legal problems and cases and write individual assignments as responses to the problems. Groups will form companies, and each group will receive a series of legal issues that they will respond to.

About the Instructor

Dr. Marilyn Kaplan teaches Strategic Management in the GMBA program and the Strategic Management of Healthcare in the classroom. Her research interests include the effects of regulations on industries such as the insurance industry.


Global MBA Online Blog Site Launched

We have recently set up a blog site in our continuing effort to improve communication and interaction with online students. We'll keep you  up-to-date with the useful and related news and information about the online courses, around the school and the university on this blog. We encourage you to drop in and post your comments. We would love to hear from you!

Here is the blog site:


Using UTD Email Account

UTD provides each student with a free email account that is to be used in all communication with university personnel. This allows the university to maintain a high degree of confidence in the identity of individuals corresponding, and the security of the transmitted information.

To access UTD email, please go to: and login with the UTD NetID and password. To maintain your UTD NetID account, please go to For any assistance with your UTD email account, call 972-883-2911, email [email protected] or access live web support at UTD Help Desk web site.

Please note: All registration and other academic advising requests need to be sent from your UTD email account to [email protected]. GMBA Advisor will not be able to process your request if it does not come from your UTD email account. Please also use your UTD email account to contact [email protected] for technical and other online course support requests.


TxDLA 2007 Conference at Galveston

The 10th annual conference of Texas Distance Learning Association (TxDLA) - "Discover the Treasure of the Distance Learning!" took place  during March 27-29, 2007 on Galveston island.  GMBA Staff members attended this year's conference as in the past several years, and delivered two presentations: "Using Respondus Tool to Create and Manage Online Quizzes" - which provided hands-on instructions on using the tool to create online quizzes; and "Virtual Environments: The Evolution of Online Learning?" - which demonstrated some educational uses of the virtual world -Second Life.

It was indeed a great treasure hunting experience for GMBA staff. The conference provided an opportunity to interact with fellow distance education professionals, to discover the latest in distance learning and  to learn tips and tricks in improving instructional strategies.


Important Reminders

Online Teaching Award Nomination Reminder: If you haven't submitted your nomination for Spring 2007 semester, you still have the opportunity to acknowledge a professor who has done an excellent job in teaching an online course in this Spring.

Please submit your nomination at:

Academic calendar: Please keep in mind that our program follows the exact same academic calendar as the university. All deadlines apply to online students. It's important that you follow the schedule to register courses, pay fees, drop/add classes and etc.

Course registration: Priority is given to GMBA students for core course registration. GMBA students should register for classes during the early registration period. Registration request from graduate students with other majors will be processed when regular registration starts. Please send your registration request from your UTD email account to GMBA Advisor at [email protected]. Please see the UTD Course Schedule.

Graduation application: The deadline for graduation application for Summer 2007 is May 21, 2007 and for Fall 2007 is August 23, 2007. Please email the GMBA Advisor at [email protected] if you are graduating. Please also see the Graduation Web Site for more information.

Updating your password: Please make sure you have a valid UTD NetID account and update your account password periodically (every 6 months) so that you can access UTD WebCT courses without any interruption. Please see GMBA FAQ - Password. You can go to the NetID Page for password updating. Email reminders for password expiration are usually sent to your UTD email account.

Summer 2007 semester course starting dates:  12 week full term courses and 1st 6-week courses start on May 14, 8-week course starts on May 29 and 2nd 6-week courses start on June 25. Courses will be released for student access on or right before these dates. Please check out the Getting Started Information page for course access instructions and other information. An email reminder will also be sent out to all registered students right before the semester starts.

Fall 2007 course schedule and academic calendar is also available. Please see UTD Course Schedule.



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