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Be prepared for your Fall 2008 online courses with all of the news, events, and announcements from the SOM eLearning team.

SOM eLearning Newsletter
Issue # 3, Fall 2008


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SOM eLearning Team
School of Management
University of Texas at Dallas

eLearning Still Wants Your Feedback!

Welcome to the fall 2008 Semester! We are constantly striving to make your educational experience better. I am happy to report that The University of Texas at Dallas will be offering eLearning technical support 24 hours per day/7 days per week. The help desk can be reached via toll free number, email, and online chat. Additionally students have access to a broad knowledge base. Check it out at: http://www.utdallas.edu/elearninghelp.

In other news, the Elluminate Live web conferencing system is being replaced by Adobe Connect. The new system has essentially the same functionality as Elluminate. As in the past, please contact [email protected] if you would like to schedule a conference.

Last semester we asked the question "What Online Learning Feature is Most Important to You"* in an online survey and here is how you ranked the choices:

1. Convenience
2. Quality of course materials
3. Timely feedback on assessments/assignments
4. Quality of feedback on assessments/assignments
5. Professor's expertise
6. Amount of work required
7. The ability to communicate with professor/classmates asynchronously (at different times) using tools like email or discussion boards
8. Regular interaction with professor
9. Textbook
10. The ability to communicate with professor/classmates synchronously (at the same time) using tools like chat or web conferencing
11. Regular interaction with classmates
12. Technical support
13. Class size

Additionally, respondents prefer multimedia lectures synchronized with slides over text based lectures by a 5-1 margin.

*8 responses received

Survey: New Electives Offered

This semester we have another survey for you. Please take a minute (or two if you are on dial-up) and fill out this short survey. Just remember, the more we hear form you, the better we can serve you!

Click here to take survey

The results of this survey will be posted in the Spring 09 newsletter.

Best of luck in the upcoming semester!

-Darren Crone, SOM eLearning Manager


News from Global MBA Online (GMBA)

GMBA Adds Elective

Investment Management (FIN 6310):

This course examines a range of issues concerning the management of investment portfolios. The course objective is to provide an understanding of the role of financial theory in portfolio management and to present a framework for addressing current issues in the management of financial assets. The concepts and techniques covered are also useful in financial planning and personal investment decisions.

This course is to be taught by Theodore E. Day. Dr. Day holds a Ph.D. degree in Finance and an M.A. degree in Economics from Stanford University and an M.B.A. degree and a B.A. degree from the University of Oklahoma. He teaches graduate-level courses in financial management, investment management and advanced investment management.

GMBA Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Tracey RockettDr. Tracey Rockett (Organizational Behavior) co-authored a paper with SOM professors Tiffany Bortz and Dr. Marilyn Kaplan. The paper, "Lessons Learned - Comparing the Learning Experience in the Online and Classroom Environments", was presented at the May 2008 Innovations in Online Learning (IOL) conference held in Austin, Texas.

Prior to this in April 2008 Dr. Rockett's paper "The effects of demographic differences on forming intragroup relationships" was published in Small Groups research journal.

"When a Friend Becomes a Foe: examining Relational Rifts in Groups" was Dr. Tracey Rockett's most recent paper presentation this past July 2008 at the INGRoup (Interdisciplinary Network of Group Researchers) annual conference in Kansas City, Missouri.


News From Accounting Information Management (AIM)

AIM Online Master of Science Degree Approved


The Accounting and Information Management Area is pleased to announce that the online Master of Science in Accounting and Information Management degree has been approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the recognized regional accrediting body in U.S. Southern states for those institutions of higher education that award associate, baccalaureate, master's or doctoral degrees.  As such, any students may now earn their entire MS-AIM through online courses.

For additional information about the courses within the degree, please contact Amy Troutman at [email protected].


Meet Our Students

The eLearning Team invites you to meet our students by viewing a different student profile each newsletter. This fall's featured student is Ryan Pham.

  • Name: Ryam PhamRyan Pham

  • What degree are you seeking?

  • Employment details:
    Where do you work?
    US Air Force

    What is your position?
    Chief, C-12J Pilot, Standardization/Evaluation

    How long have you been there?
    12 years

    What do you want to do after you finish your degree?
    Much of that depends on the Air force. By default, I'll return to my primary aircraft, the KC-10. I love the C-12J and its intratheater DV airlift mission, but I also miss flying the KC-10. The "10" has a really interesting and exciting mission (aerial refueling with occasional cargo/ DV airlift), and I love the travel that comes with it. At some point, I'll work a staff job (no flying) for career broadening and development. When this happens, I'd like to go to Europe or Washington, D.C.

  • How many online courses have you taken?
    At the end of Summer 2008, I will have completed 23 hours.

  • Why did you decide to take online courses?
    Practicality and convenience. Military officers usually move every 3 years, and as a tanker/transport pilot, I can get tasked for short-notice missions or deployments. Attending class would be impossible, and since a master's degree is a prerequisite for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, online classes are a no-brainer.

  • How is the online experience different from the traditonal classroom?
    Online classes have provided me the flexibility to study at any time anywhere. This is great because I can fit school around my work/flying schedule. Although online classes are more convenient, I think they are more demanding than traditional classes. More of the learning is self-taught, and the program requires a much higher level of discipline. In a classroom environment, the professor is more accessible and can provide immediate feedback. Buying textbooks has also been difficult for me since I'm currently stationed in Japan, and many stores do not ship via USPS Priority mail.

  • What makes an online course effective?
    It starts with the professors and TAs. Their timely responses and flexibility are key. For my part, listening to the lectures, reviewing class notes/slides, staying on top of the assignments, and active participation in group/class discussions have been my recipe for success.

  • Who was your favorite professor and why?
    Peter Lewin and Milind Dawande have been my favorite professors so far. Professor Lewin's lectures are easy to follow and wonderfully delivered. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his lectures and found them to be intellectually stimulating. Professor Dawande's class (OPRE 6302) has been the most time consuming and demanding class I've taken so far, but his thorough tutorials and notes got me through. He provided excellent instruction and responded quickly to student questions.

  • Is there any advice you can give to other online students?
    Read the syllabus and stay on top of the schedule. Pace yourself with the assignments and figure out which learning resource the professor favors (textbook, slides, lectures, homework, etc) as this will more than likely be emphasized on midterms and finals.

  • Do you have any additional comments?
    When researching schools, I looked for colleges with online MBA programs, but I wanted to avoid the diploma mills. I was looking for a traditional institution that had a solid reputation and provided good value. So far, I've been very pleased with UTD.


Important Reminders

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