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Issue # 9, Summer 2010


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Srinivasan Raghunathan, Ph.D.
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SOM eLearning Team
School of Management
University of Texas at Dallas

July 2010
Editor: Rita Cubie

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SOM eLearning

The fall 2010 semester is right around the corner and we will be implementing a new process for setting up proctored exams. Beginning in the fall, the proctor request form will be completed 100% online - no more faxing (the exams will however still be paper-based). We are trying to save trees when we can. All updated information will be made available on the Proctored Exam Information Page on the first day of classes.

Last semester we asked you to provide suggestions on offering more effective networking opportunities. We received 17 responses and this is a sampling of what you said:

  • A Facebook group would be helpful, then I could follow what's going on anywhere. Also, I'm not a campus student so making events/speeches available via teleconference would be very helpful.
  • In a group project for an online class - it gets difficult to choose your
    teammates without knowing anything about them and without even seeing them. I think if there is a provision of at least linking 1 social site ...we can get to know them and work collectively rather than just for the sake of the course.
  • A Facebook group would be key and maybe a Twitter feed. Also, would like to see events held within Dallas/Fort Worth.
  • I would suggest a UTD LinkedIn account so that people could post any job opportunity, seminar, discussions etc.

We will be working with the Career Center to bring more networking opportunities to our online students in the future. In the mean time I encourage you to visit the SOM LinkedIn Group and also the SOM Online Students Facebook Group to connect with each other professionally and otherwise.

Currently we use a primarily asynchronous distance education model in which students are generally not required to meet at a scheduled time for class. Over half of our students cite “convenience” as the number one reason for taking online courses. That being said, we have received some comments asking to incorporate more real-time interaction into the courses. It is our goal to provide you with a course that best suits your needs. The survey for this semester focuses on the method of delivery of course materials. Please take a moment to answer a few short questions:

Course Delivery Survey

I wish our current students the best of luck on their finals and a would like to give our new students a warm welcome!!!

-Darren Crone, Ed.D., SOM eLearning Manager


Global MBA Online (GMBA)

MBA concentration in International Management

We live in a global economy. We can’t escape constant reminders about the “globalization” of business operations. Global MBA Online students have the opportunity to concentrate in International Management by choosing among 5 different IMS electives. Surveys of corporate managers increasingly reveal that having a solid grounding in the international dimensions of business contributes to personal advancement and company performance. Following is a list of IMS electives and upcoming schedule:

IMS course number and topic *

Online or on campus

Fall 2010

Spr 2011

Sum 2011

6302-Legal Aspects of International Business Transactions

Online only




6310-International Marketing





6320-International Corporate Finance

Online only




6360-International Strategic Management





6365-Cross-cultural Communication and Management





*see the GMBA website for names of professors and the Graduate Catalog for brief course descriptions

-George Barnes, Global MBA Online Program Director


Featured Courses:

ENTP 6375: Technology and New Product Development (3 semester hours) This course addresses the strategic and organizational issues confronted by firms in technology-intensive environments. The course reflects five broad themes: (1) managing firms in technology-intensive industries; (2) linking technology and business strategies; (3) using technology as a source of competitive advantage; (4) organizing firms to achieve these goals; and (5) implementing new technologies in organizations. Students will analyze actual situations in organizations and summarize their findings and recommendations in an in-depth term paper. Case studies and class participation are stressed. Prerequisites: ENTP 6370 and OB 6301 or consent of the instructor.

ENTP 6385/BPS 6385: Entrepreneurial Business Strategies (3 semester hours) This course is an advanced course in strategic management, with an emphasis on business strategies for entrepreneurial firms. Within this framework, the course addresses the most recent approaches and perspectives on strategic management in rapidly changing environments. Topics include the formulation and evaluation of strategy in emerging industries, strategies for market entry and competition against established incumbents, the role of technology standards, the technology adoption life cycle model, theories of disruptive innovation, and the use of creative imitation, speed and agility to prevail over established competitors. This course is equivalent to BPS 6385 and only one of these may be counted toward a degree. Prerequisites: ENTP 6370 and BPS 6310 or consent of the instructor.

MKT 6301: Introduction to Marketing Management (3 semester hours) This course is designed to introduce you to the basic principles of Marketing including, but not limited to, consumer behavior, marketing research, strategic planning, and marketing planning, with emphasis on marketing mix decisions in the areas of product strategy, integrated communications, pricing, and distribution.

Marketing is viewed as a well planned function for influencing buyer behavior, beyond merely selling and advertising. The course teaches marketing concepts, terminology, and practices that can be used to increase organizational profitability and to integrate marketing with other business activities. Case analyses and marketing plan development are integrated into the course.

Course objectives are (1) to provide an overview of the basic concepts in marketing; (2) to develop decision-making skills by applying these concepts to real-life problems; and (3) to provide experience in developing marketing strategies for products in various stages of their product life cycle. These objectives are achieved by a combination of lectures, readings, class discussions, case analyses and development of a marketing plan.


Meet Our Faculty

Hans-Joachim Adler, Ph.D.

MIS 6204 Information Technology and MIS Fundamentals

Hans-Joachim Adler, Ph.D., is a Clinical Professor and Director for International Business Development at the UTD School of Management. Dr. Adler holds a Masters Degree in Engineering and Electronics from the University of Darmstadt, Germany, and a Ph.D. in Information Processing from the University of Lyon, France. While still living in Europe, Dr. Adler worked many years for global technology leaders like Apple and Unisys and as a professor at the University for Applied Sciences at Giessen-Friedberg, Germany.

In 2000 Dr. Adler moved to the U.S. and founded Infocom International, Inc. in Plano, TX. Infocom is a marketing and sales consulting firm that specializes in helping innovative European technology companies in developing business in North America, and in finding talented personnel and professional partners.

Dr. Adler joined UTD in 2002 where he is teaching several IT and business related topics like MIS, SAP ERP and Communications Networks both for faculty and Executive Education programs. Based on his rich experience as a practitioner, he focuses on adding management (how to get things done) to the teaching of analysis (what to do), helping students in enhancing their on-the-job performance and acquiring knowledge for immediate on-the-job application.

Currently, together with a publisher, Dr. Adler is developing the course framework for the collaborative innovation of products, services, solutions and processes with extended networks of suppliers, customers, and business partners by using state-of the-art information and communication technology.

Mark Thouin, Ph.D.

MIS 6360 Software Project Management

Mark Thouin, Ph.D. is Director of Information Systems Programs at the University of Texas at Dallas where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses, promotes academic programs in information systems, and coordinates the information systems Industry Advisory Board (IAB). Mark holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Virginia Tech University, an MBA from George Mason University, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management Information Systems from Texas Tech University.

Prior to joining UT Dallas, he worked for 15 years in a variety of management, technical, and business development positions, most recently as a senior information systems engineer at MITRE Corp. in Virginia, a nonprofit organization that addresses systems engineering and information technology needs for the federal government. In addition, Mark served as the engagement manager for a medium sized information technology consulting firm responsible for delivery of $5 million annually of professional services and solutions for a variety of industries. His responsibilities included defining project scope, developing project plans, identifying and hiring appropriate project staff, ensuring the delivery of projects on time and within budget, developing new business and ensuring customer satisfaction.

He is faculty advisor for the UT Dallas Student chapter of the Association of
Information Technology Professionals (AITP) and his research interests include the study of the clinical and administrative value of information technology in healthcare settings.

Abhi Biswas, Ph.D. (ABD)

MKT 6301, Marketing Management

Abhi Biswas, Ph.D. (ABD) has a rich and diverse range of teaching experiences delivering numerous marketing courses for MBA and EMBA programs over the past 20 years at Purdue University, Southern Methodist University and at UTD.  The courses that he teaches include, Principles of Marketing, Advertising and Promotions Management, Consumer Behavior, Brand Management and the capstone Marketing Strategy course. He has also taught Pricing Management, Marketing Research, Product Management and International Marketing.

Over the years he has won numerous teaching awards including the “Honeywell Teaching award” at Purdue University and the “Outstanding Graduate Instructor” award at UTD.

He has regularly served as the mentor and advisor to the UTD School of Management Cohort MBA Case Competition team for the Key Bank Minority MBA Case Competition.

He has an Electrical Engineering undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and continued his graduate studies at the Indian Institute of Management and Purdue University.

Prof. Biswas also has industry work experience as a Marketing Manager for the multinational Metal Box, plc., Maser Consultancy and has been a prolific business consultant to various firms including United Supermarkets, Visonic Securities, Intervoice, AMR, etc. Besides this he has also been a talk show host on Indian national T.V. and radio networks.


Meet Our Students

Hemanth Jayaram, MBA Student

The eLearning Team invites you to meet our students by viewing a different profile each newsletter. This semester's featured student is Hemanth Jayaram.

  • Name: Hemanth Jayaram
  • What degree are you seeking?
    I am pursuing my Master's in Business Administration with specialization in Enterprise systems and Business Intelligence.
  • Where do you work?
    I am currently interning at Convergys Corporation, a $3 Billion Global Company, and a leader in Relationship Management.
  • What is your position?
    I am working as a Database Marketing Analyst, supporting the day-to-day operations of the Marketing Department. I am responsible for developing and maintaining Marketing Dashboards, Contact Acquisitions for Marketing Campaigns, Partner Scorecard Development and CRM System maintenance.
  • How long have you been there?
    I started there in March 2010.
  • What do you want to do after you finish your degree?
    I am very interested in roles related to IT Product Configuration and deployment. Before joining school I used to work as an IT consultant for one of the biggest pharmacy retailers in US. The degree program provided me necessary skill sets in enterprise systems and project management. I would like to see myself as a product specialist working with one of the major CRM software vendors.
  • How many online courses have you taken?
    So far I have taken 2 online courses and I am planning to take 2 more in the fall semester.
  • Why did you decide to take online courses?
    I work full time and it’s tough to concentrate during the class after going through very hectic work schedule. The online courses provide you the flexibility to balance your work, personal life and academics. The online discussion forums and chat bring the in-class experience to online environment.
  • How is the online experience different from the traditional classroom?
    The main advantage is the flexibility. I normally spend time after 10.00 PM to listen to my lectures and post my discussions. The online environment is the best bet for those who want to pursue their degree without compromising their work schedule.        
  • What makes an online course effective?
    The discussion forums bring liveliness to the course. The involvement and interactivity among the students bring lots of value to the online course.
  • Who was your favorite professor and why?
    Dr. Tracey Rockett (OB 6301).  This course provides a rich experience in dealing with organizational issues without practically experiencing them. The professor has taken all the effort to make this course as interactive as possible.  The professor’s approach to this course is to ensure that each student contributes to the class and gains from others' experience. The course is very valuable in addressing any of the day to day issues we face with the people around us at work.         
  • Is there any advice you can give to other online students?
    Network ...Network ...Network. Keep connected to your classmates beyond school through LinkedIn etc. A success formula is to get involved in the courses and identify people with the same interests and start networking with them.


Important Reminders