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eLearning Team

The fall 2014 semester is almost here and we are offering the most online and blended sections to date – 148 (last fall it was 109). This number will continue to grow, as will your options. Blended courses were the topic of last semester’s newsletter. Every once in a while one of our surveys strikes a chord with students. This was one of them. We had 296 responses and this is how you answered the questions:

    1. Have you taken a blended course previously?

    2. How did you like it compared to face to face courses?

    3. How did you like it compared to online courses?

    4. Would you be interested in taking a blended course at UT Dallas?

    5. Please provide any comments about blended courses (sampling of responses).

-Blended courses make online courses more personal since you can physically meet your classmates and professor. It also may make regular courses a little easier to manage since students may only need to come to campus on certain dates and somewhat do the rest of the coursework at their own pace week by week.

-Blended courses would be very helpful, especially for people like us who have odd working hours, or can't easily make the drive to school to make it to class on time.

-I enjoyed the personal interaction between student and professor but still maintaining the freedom of an online class.

-I have taken 4 fully 100% online courses -and like taking online VERY MUCH. I wish UTD would offer a whole bunch of blended online courses.

-My experience with blended courses at UT Dallas has been good. Having work that needs to be done independently along with face-to-face meetings has not only been effective for teaching material, but also is a great way to "spice up" the semester.

While only 18% of respondents reported having taken a blended course, 73% of all respondents indicated they are interested in taking one. Out of those who have taken blended courses, 83% reported liking them as much or more than face to face classes and 76% reported liking them the same or better than online courses. This information will be very helpful in helping to determine the format of future offerings.

This semester’s survey focuses on student services for online students. Please take a minute to let us know how you feel.

Services for Online Students

Darren Crone, Ed.D., Director, Educational Technology Services


Featured Online Students

The eLearning Team invites you to meet our students by viewing different student profiles in each newsletter. This semester's featured students are Brandon Walls and Joseph Taylor.

Brandon Walls

Where do you work?
The Embark Group

What is your position?
Senior Consultant - Accounting/Audit/Finance

How long have you been there?
3 months
; I previously worked with Ernst and Young for 12 years.

What do you want to do after you finish your degree?
Improve my skillset to apply in my profession and further my career.

How many online courses have you taken?
I have taken approximately 5 online courses.

Why did you decide to take online courses?
It was convenient and I was able to perform at my own pace.

How is the online experience different from the traditional classroom?
Again it is convenient because it cuts down on my commuting time. There are many similar attributes to taking an online class; just on a different platform.

What makes an online course effective?
They can be more challenging as the "ball is in your court" so to speak. You must keep pace and have excellent study habits.

Who was your favorite professor and why?
Dr. (Marilyn) Kaplan is an excellent professor because she provides relevant lectures, discussion topics, and challenges her students.

Is there any advice you can give to other online students?
Utilize discussion platforms with classmates and stay on top or even ahead of the course timeline.

Joseph Taylor

Where do you work?
I work at Unisys.

What is your position?
Technical Support

How long have you been there?
I have worked at Unisys for 2 years.

What do you want to do after you finish your degree?
I am considering teaching. Performing arts/ drama has always been a passion of mine.

How many online courses have you taken?
I took my first online class last summer.

Why did you decide to take online courses?
Between work and family life, it is hard to make it to campus. I really enjoyed the online course.

How is the online experience different from the traditional classroom?
I am able to study at home and at work (during lunch of course) while I take the online course. I am also able to converse with my instructor and classmates via Blackboard. While I enjoy the interaction of actually being in the classroom, it's not always practical time-wise.

What makes an online course effective?
Effective communication with the instructor and clear instructions are very important. Also, being able to ask questions, and get input from my classmates have been very helpful.

Who was your favorite professor and why?
Well, I'm new to taking online classes, so I do not have a favorite yet.

Is there any advice you can give to other online students?
It is easy to fall behind when taking an online class. It is important to set aside time to study and take exams.

If you would like to be featured in the eLearning Newsletter, email us!


Jindal School of Management

Academic Advising

Fall 2014 registration has started!  We encourage you to add your fall coursework within the next two weeks if you haven’t done so already.  This fall term registration will end August 21st and classes will begin August 25th.  If you will be graduating this fall term, please make sure to get in touch with your academic advisor for a degree audit and for information on submitting your graduation application on time.  The graduation application must be submitted by September 3rd.  Not meeting the deadline will incur fees and may even delay graduation a semester.

Please be aware of all academic deadlines, which are found on the Academic Calendar. If you have any questions or need assistance registering in you coursework, please contact our Academic Advising Office.

Corina Cantua, Assistant Director | JSOM Academic Advising | [email protected] | 972-883-5963

Want to see an Advisor? Join the line from anywhere! Text JSOM to 626-414-3210 or Call: 855-883-5766

Lisa Shatz

JSOM Creates An MBA Programs Office

Where does a student derive the value from their MBA?  Primarily through gaining knowledge of how business works and developing skills that can be applied in the world of business.  With this knowledge and skills our students go into the world ready to tackle today’s business problems.

In addition to classroom learning, there are a myriad of opportunities at JSOM that can give students additional opportunities to enhance these skills, gain more knowledge and expand their network. 

Because these opportunities are important to all of our MBA students, whether their program be Full-time, professional flex, professional evening cohort or online, we have created an MBA Programs Office to serve and create these opportunities for all our MBA students. 

The MBA Programs Office is now open to all MBA students and has extended hours until 7:00 PM on Monday-Thursday to serve our evening students. Some of the benefits of the MBA Programs Office:

  • Get advice on electives or talk to someone about concentration choices.
  • Find out about opportunities to get involved in student organizations.
  • Participate in development opportunities that can help you be more successful in the program including presentation skills, excel or using technology in study groups.
  • Attend programs to meet alumni and other students to expand your network.
  • Find out about additional curricular opportunities like internships and international trips.

Getting an MBA should be an amazing journey and for me, was a transitional period of my life. Doing your MBA online should not make this any different. 

We are looking forward to learning more about what you, our online students need and how we can help.  Whether it is offering a development session online or setting up a chat online to discuss class electives, we will be looking for ways to serve you better.

Lisa Shatz | Assistant Dean of MBA Programs and Director of the Full-Time MBA Program | [email protected] | 972-883-6191

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

The Graduate Innovation and entrepreneurship Program will offer 15 credit hours (5 separate courses) online over the next 12 months. The courses are:



Key Topics and Areas of Coverage

Offered Online


ENTP 6370


Idea evaluation, developing a viable business concept, researching markets and competition, protecting intellectual property, making investor pitches, acquiring resources and launching a new venture.

Fall 14

Jackie Kimzey


Entrepreneurial Finance

Company valuation, cash flow forecasting, angel investing, venture capital investment, term sheets, capitalization tables, alternative financing, crowdfunding, initial public offerings, securities laws, licensing,  analysis of financial statements and capital structure decisions. 

Spring 15

Madison Pedigo

ENTP 6378

Managing the Emerging Enterprise

Understanding the challenges and hurdles that must be overcome in making the transition from a startup to a sustainable company, and understanding and applying tools and frameworks to the analysis interpretation and prioritization of organizational and management issues.

Spring 15

Jackie Kimzey

ENTP 6375 

Technology and New Product Development

Understanding new product development as a core business function, assessing technology readiness, IP protection,  collaboration needs, managing development stages, structuring development teams, and integrating products into marketing and delivery chains.

Summer 15

Dan Bochsler

ENTP 6390

Business Model Innovation

Exploring the design and development of new and unique business models to create sustainable value, evaluating existing business models, and examining tools and frameworks for the development of successful business models. 

Summer 15

Dr. Sheen Levine

If you have any questions regarding the Online Entrepreneurship Courses, please contact Senior Lecturer, Madison Pedigo, at [email protected].


School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Strategies for Diversity in Education (BIS 4306)

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies offers this course to prepare teacher certification candidates to meet the challenges of student diversity in the general education classroom. Students will examine the roles of various professionals, overview the identification and needs of special education and gifted and talented students through the lenses of gender, ethnicity, culture and language. Students will learn about IEPs, ARDs, legal requirements, collaboration, instructional differentiation, cooperative learning, inclusion, and assessment techniques applicable for diverse learners in the general education classroom. 

1. Who should take the course?
Anyone considering public education as a field of career development, or anyone interested in learning more about how diverse populations are supported in our current education system. It is really helpful to parents…

2. Why take this class online?
Online affords great flexibility to learners with hectic schedules, work hours to maintain and allows you to engage with material from your comfort place. The class blends readings, videos, discussions, journals, research, and group activities to give a great all around experience for each student.

3. What is the goal of the course?
Ultimately, an education major would be able to leave this class and feel confident going to take the Special Education certification exam in Texas, which can be a great benefit for those seeking employment. Anyone can walk away from the class with a greater understanding of how to advocate for students in our public school system.

4. Is the course self-paced?
Not really--there are weekly expectations, but there is plenty of wiggle room within those expectations for when they are completed. The course is designed to be an ongoing conversation about diverse learners, so it is not something that can be completed in only a couple weeks. Instead, treat this class as you would a campus class (that you can attend any time of day you like and in your pajamas!).

5. Are there any face to face sessions required for this class?
No, the course is entirely online. The professor is available by phone and collaboration with classmates can occur within the online course room if desired.

Carrie Simpson, PhD | School of Interdisciplinary Studies | [email protected] | 972-883-2730


Meet Our Faculty

Dr. Carrie Simpson

Dr. Carrie Simpson is a Senior Lecturer at UTD. She has a BA in English and a MA in Humanities: Literary Studies (from UTD). She holds a Ph.D. in Education Curriculum and Instruction.

Dr. Simpson has 14 years of experience in public classrooms/school districts in the DFW metroplex, including Special Education, General Education and Gifted Education.  She has worked in administration (curriculum and instruction specialist, district lead for differentiated instruction) and currently does consulting work for Region 10, as well as, for a national agency called Pieces of Learning.

In addition to her course at UT Dallas, Dr. Simpson teaches online classes for Richland College and also conducts a great deal of teacher training online. She also spends some time working for Pearson grading the edTPA submissions, and reviewing portfolios for prospective Special Education teachers.

On a personal note, Dr. Simpson is married to Eric Simpson and they have three kids (Alan, age 12; Abby; age 11; Madeline, age 4; and Meredith (arriving any day now).


Newsletter edited by Rita Cubie, Administrative Assistant, UT Dallas eLearning Team